Toby’s Jurassic World Themed Party – 7th Birthday

When Jurassic Park debuted in 1993, everyone on the planet loved the movie. By everyone – I mean everyone who loves dinosaurs, so yes I mean everyone! Twenty two years later, Jurassic World returns for the next generation to see. The movie was also a massive blockbuster, which proves that we never outgrow the dinosaur phase! How cute! Why are we obsessed? Need we explain? Just take a peek at this party we have for you today and get your questions answered.

For Toby, there has never been a better time to embrace his love of dinos. The park is back, so he treated his brood a travel experience to Isla Nublar to explore the Jurassic World. Oh yes! There is no question that the roaring awesomeness of this bash was thanks to KidstarKastle. They introduced brown, gray, and green colors to the venue, and although it’s a kiddie party, the decor palette appeared very grown up. They also scattered dino accents around. There were dinos up, down, and in between – dinos everywhere we look! I bet the “dinosaur savvy” kids took pleasure in seeing a few memorable faces, including the latest attraction in Jurassic World, the Indominus Rex. Want in on this dino action? Come on in and check out the stills from Rio Jones Photography!

This is how you greet and welcome your guests to an adventure party: A huge archway with some serious color and dinosaur accents. The vines at each side added a seamlessly disheveled but happy camp vibe.

entrance (1)

WOW. The stage – featuring the huge Jurassic World gate, some species of dinos, and the Tyrannosaurus Rex come crashing through the fence – made the Jurassic World real minus the creep factor!

stage (2)stage (3)stage

You would not want to look or run away from this spectacular overhead display. So. Much. Color. We love the idea of hanging barricade tapes, vines, balloon chandeliers, blowup dinosaurs, and Jurassic World dinosaur logos all around the party space.

ceiling (4)ceiling (3)ceilingA

We would not mind having these Jurassic World set and dino toys to join us during mealtime. More dinos, please!

tableAtable (4)table (5)

Now you might be thinking where is the Indominus Rex? Right here, on this cake! Hmm, I do not know about you, but I think this hybrid dinosaur is sweeter than she is scary. Teehee!

cake (4)cakeA

We adore dinos on the cake, but on tiny cupcakes, they are even better!

sweets (2)

To get things really shaking in this bash, Toby served some yummy street eats!

cart (3)cart (4)cart (5)cartA

Yes, an animal show! You have probably gathered that we adore animals here at PDM. Wink!

show (5)show (3)showA

The face painting and balloon twisting activities were perfect… not just for the tiny hands!


That vest looks good on you, Toby! Ah, we can see a budding paleontologist in here!

family (3)

Oh those adorable faces are just priceless! This adventurous fam is sure to make you smile!


Vendors who made it all happen:
Event styling: KidstarKastle // Photo and video coverage: Rio Jones Photography // Party hosting and magic show: Marcus // Balloon show: Tectonix // Foodcarts: Crafty Celebrations // Face painting: Cha Reyes // Toby’s costume: Sonia Lee’s Costume Central

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