Kavee’s Indian Powwow Party – 1st Birthday

Are you looking for a party that is one of a kind and fun at the same time? I suggest that you go for powwow! Powwow is a Native American or Indian celebration were clans and tribes from across the continents gather to promote their traditions, regalia, music, and food. The atmosphere is seriously fun and festive – making powwow a great choice for a party theme. Throw your little one a birthday celebration inspired by Indian heritage and he is sure to have his best day ever!

On Kavee’s first birthday, Daddy Neil and Mommy Ira wanted to unleash her inner Pocahontas and Tiger Lily, and an Indian powwow birthday bash was the only way to go. As someone who adores rich colors and patterns, I am giving this bash a shout-out and thumbs-up! Everywhere I look, the scene was bursting with spirit and color of powwow – thanks to Maggie J Hart Events! The earth tone palette and Native American décor elements like teepee and dreamcatchers were perfectly gorgeous, and the subtle blush of pink was a sweet punch for a vibrant theme. Truly a wow powwow! Read on to see all the photos captured by Rio Jones Photography, and experience the color and energy of the world’s whopping Indian gathering. Let the drum roll out (boom-boom-boom) and the trumpet call (ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta)!

A charming welcome board let Kavee’s guests know they came to the right place. There was also a booth posted at the entrance which allowed the kids and adults to grab some feathered headdresses to accessorize their attire and set the powwow mood right from the start.


The entire scene was enthralling! The ceiling space was brightened up with white drapes and the beautiful canopy arrangement was stunning. The whimsical dreamcatchers danced overhead and captured the morning breeze. They were embellished with pastel fabric ribbons which had been a trendy take on the classic Indian handicraft. The stage reflected the simplicity of the Native American style – from colors to accents like fabric tassel and letter standees. A party that was inspired by an Indian theme would not be complete without the teepee. Together with the pony ride-on toy, this dream playroom staple is my favorite!

stage (1)stagestage (2)

To match the natural country-style of the theme, the tables were dressed up simply and the elements were kept nominal. The whimsical woodsy centerpieces – which were a blend of wooden stumps, white blooms, feathers, teepee paper craft, and Indian plush toy – were placed in small groupings and rested atop burlap table runners.


The amazing cake was definitely the show stopper! The range of colors used in this three-tier fondant cake was easy on the eyes and the chevron and geometric patterns were visually stunning. The dreamcatcher – intricately styled with feathers, beads, and maṇḍala – fitted flawlessly with the whole look. The teepee atop the cake added a spectacular finishing touch!

cake (2)Cake

How about a wave of oohs and aahs for the dessert spread? I love the funky, friendly, and stylish pattern and color of the backdrop! They came across as a truly powwow statement!

Dessert Buffet

The Indian girl plush toys, stick horses, and guitar were something you would actually want to pose with in a fun photo while hiding away in a teepee. Kavee’s party guests had such warm and awesome vibes. Pleasure to have them around – wink!

photo opphoto op (2)guests (2)

What’s not to love in these photos? Rio Jones Photography did an amazing job capturing natural-looking candid portraits of guests while they were having fun!


Adorable! This is Kavee in her sweet ensemble and colorful feathered headdress ready to take part in her powwow celebration!

family (3)

Fresh and happy – this might just be my favorite party photo! I wish I could reach into the photo and hug those cuties!

family (1)

Vendor listing and references:
Venue: Corinthian Gardens Clubhouse
Stylist: Maggie J Hart Events
Photo Credit: Rio Jones Photography


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