Jaime’s Aviation Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Airplanes betoken adventure and high hopes for the future – one reason why shindigs inspired by planes are a popular choice for an adorable first birthday bash. Mom Jennifer Luna took that notion of planes and decided to take to the high skies when it came to planning her son’s first birthday bash. She had teamed up with Bambi Hernandez of Alice’s Wonderland who designed this blue, red, and white theme filled with ideas of decorations and activities, perfect for any tot who loves airplanes! While your next air travel might seem far away, this party will remind you one more time why we all love flying so much! Keep reading for all the details that will help your celebrations soar to new heights. Beautifully captured by Krissy Rodriguez-Kairuz of Little People Lifestyle Photography, discover how Jaime and his party passengers went above and beyond with this bash.

The aviation theme started off with a dreamy invitation. It has “Let’s fly high and take to the sky” message emblazoned on it – sounds like a party we can get on board with!


Guests could zoom right in and land among the blue, red, and white lanterns attached to the ceiling. They looked whimsical and fun over the tables! They created an illusion of hot air balloons you can experience flying up-close when you are on board the plane.

ceiling (2)

Photo ops are such a fun party activity. I can just imagine all of the darling little pilots getting their pictures taken with these cutouts. I’m sure Captain Jaime loved every second of his aviation party!

photo op

There were separate tables set for adults and children. Covered with red linen and white runners, the adult tables were centered with fun elements such as a globe, a cloud Styrofoam cutout, a vessel painted white with airplane sticks, and red blooms placed inside a mini suitcase. The wrapper used for the table napkins also had an aviation touch. For kids, the tablescape was quite simple. On top of the white tablecloth and blue plaid runner were coloring books and mason jars containing candies and coloring materials. This is perfect for the kids who love to munch on sweet treats while having activities!

tableBtable (11)table (4)table (6)tableAtable

This airplane-themed cake by Hearts and Bells looked ready for takeoff. The cake got even cuter with the clouds and happy birthday banner pulled by a flying plane detailing. The fondant airliners and jet cake toppers accentuated the theme.


The beloved sweet station is where all the magic happens. This dessert table with canopy offered an array of delicious treats for the kids to enjoy. It was stocked with cupcakes, cake pops, chocolates, brownies, juice drinks, and water bottles – all given the airplane treatment. The tassel garland and the bunting added a cheerful pop of color to the simple display. The backdrop created a more festive mood! Ribbons were tied onto a dowel rod in random order and the dessert area has now a gorgeous backdrop! The dessert table also housed Jaime’s photos. Beautifully arranged and glued on the backdrop, everything had its place and spotlight to make a stunning table.

sweets (8)sweets (5)sweets (2)sweets (1)sweets (7)sweets (14)sweetssweets (12)

The party theme was inspired by the fact that we just wanted the babies to have fun. And what’s more fun than party games and activities? Jaime’s games and activities were tailored to all age groups and had everyone giggling. At the end of each game, toys and sweet treats were handed out as prizes.

games (2)games (6)games (5)games (1)games (3)games (4)

I can’t think of any other entertainment that would captivate everyone than a Balloon Twisting show! Everyone is just so drawn to balloons – and they are always a party winner!

entertainment (1)entertainment (2)

I feel like I’m taking a trip around the world with Jaime wearing his pilot costume! He also enjoyed having all his loved ones in one room together. This party is full of sky-high imaginations for boy birthday fun!

family (6)family (3)family (5)

Vendor Listing and References:

Venue: Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila
Styling: Bambi Hernandez of Alice’s Wonderland
Photographer: Krissy Rodriguez-Kairuz of Little People Lifestyle Photography
Cakes and Cupcakes: Hearts and Bells
Jaime’s Pilot Clothes: Bumblebee and Company
Party Host: Jojo Perez
Entertainment: Balloon Artist Jing Callanta

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