Raine’s Secret Garden Themed Party – 7th Birthday

You are now summoned to the grand birthday celebration of Raine. You will enter a magical world filled with adventure, elegance and fun. The first time I saw this set, I was in awe! Filled with details big and small, they really made it look so special. With hanging flowers, secret doors and flower crowns, this enchanting party was simply breath-taking. Thanks to the talented team of Party Avenue Ph, the lovely Fernwood Garden was made even lovelier!

Wondering how they made this happen? I’m glad the team of Party Avenue Ph readily shares with us some inside scoop to this event.

“Our Experience: Who doesn’t love gardens, right? And it’s even more magical and dreamy when you make it a “secret garden”. Inspired by the novel, secret garden (thus one of the centerpiece being in a book), the theme suits Raine who is more of a shy, prim and proper girl but has a warm and loving personality. The parents wanted the party to be inspirational so we scattered several quotations from the book which are really inspiring and motivating. The backdrop was filled with flowers on the side and a make-shift of a wall leading to a secret door. The garden picture plastered inside the door in the backdrop was specially hand-painted. The sweets table were placed inside a cave, creating a feeling of hidden sweets in the secret garden. The parents are blessed to have a wonderful and lovely family shoot with Joshua de Guzman of Little J Photography so we hanged their photos on the well with scattered crystal, charms and butterfly drops.

This party is truly special for our team because the parents are part of our styling theme (being one of the owners of Party Avenue ph). 🙂 The mom did all the centerpieces and would you believe that the dad was the one who arranged all the flowers and the droppings in the backdrop. He also personally did the invitations. This is really a work of love, passion and dreams coming true! We experienced something like what’s in the secret garden book – “The secret garden bloomed and bloomed and every morning revealed new miracles”. It was indeed a miraculously fun and fulfilling experience for us.”

The invites sent out a mysterious message as it was presented with closed vintage doors but when you open it a wonderful surprise is written. It really suits the theme of the party flawlessly.

invitesinvites (2)venue (3)venuevenue (2)

The registration area looks amazing as well. Filled with personalized party favors for their guests, we can actually see how much love and effort was showered into making Raine’s birthday bash extra special.

entranceentrance (8)entrance (7)entrance (5)entrance (3)entrance (2)

A grandiose secret gate was created for the stage, nothing less for Princess Raine’s celebration of course! Raine’s name was screaming floral and was color pink; every girl’s favorite color. Several plants and flowers were placed beautifully to really feel the garden vibe.

stage (12)stage (7)stage (10)stage (11)stage (9)stage (13)

Plains and prints for the table treatment; they jived well don’t you think? The children’s table had a paper flower origami placed in a floral pail filled with crayons. Nice touch! For the adult table, a chic plant arrangement with an initial “R” for the centerpiece and the miniature secret door detail they injected to the setup made all the difference. It surely gave an enchanting vibe to the setup!

table (11)table (10)table (7)

Check out their lovely photo gallery setup. It’s simple yet so elegant. I just love how they’ve put different frames with Raine’s picture in it; making it more personal and meaningful.

gallery (2)gallery

Hidden inside a man-made cave; the desserts were served and they were deliciously decadent. It was full of cookies, gummy candies, iced gems and a lot more! I’m sure the guests had a splendid time munching them. The cake is made for a garden princess like Raine. Everything you can see in a garden is seen on the cake. For me, it’s too pretty to eat, you could just stare at it for days and appreciate its beauty.

cake (2)cakesweets (7)sweets (6)sweets (5)sweets (4)

Every kid wants to have an adventure and Raine’s party is chocks full of adventure and fun. Look at these performers, putting on a great show for everyone. Also, the balloons in the shape of wings, I wish I can do such creativity. One of the best parts of this celebration is where you can create your own accessories; the kids are eager to join the fun.

showRaine's 7th Birthday-81activity

For the giveaways, these potted plants were perfect sendoff favors to their guests.


These are some of my favorite photos of Raine and her family.

familyfamily (2)

Vendor listing and reference:

Event Coordination, Event Styling and Invitation: Party Avenue ph
Photographer: Little J Photography
Videographer: Phoeben Teocson Videography
Hosting and Entertainment (Interactive Storytelling): Make Believe Productions
Entertainment (Dancing Balloon Show): Tectonix
Cake and Cupcakes: Simply Scrumptious by Chef Joan Fajardo
Specialty Cookies: Sugar Monster by Chef Celina David
Photobooth: Fotoloco


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