Linnea’s Alice in Wonderland Theme Party – 1st Birthday

How wonderful! We’re back to wonderland once again but this time to celebrate Linnea’s very merry birthday party! One of the things I love about this theme is that you can go craaazy with the decorations and it will still be very much welcome and expected. For Linnea’s party, think Tim Burton – outrageous and whimsical. Did that catch your attention? Styled by Khim of Party Deco, this made me so intrigue. I mean have you seen the parties she styled? Each and every one of them is mind-blowingly fantabulous! Known for her eye for details and a posh-er take on kiddie parties, I know Mr. Mad Hatter himself would love to join Linnea’s party. From Linnea’s unique stage setup to the too-cute-to-eat sugar arts, we must hurry, hurry, hurry to Linnea’s fab bash.

What a fun way to introduce the guests of Linnea in Wonderland. This grass wall located at the entrance area represents the celebrant’s theme and with it comes every strange yet enchanting detail of Wonderland.


“We’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad” said the Mad Hatter; pertaining to the strange yet elegant décor of the ceiling. With cards, roses, keys and frames, the ceiling details they used captured this theme flawlessly.

stage (3)

As her birthday theme, Linnea and her friends fell down the rabbit hole and arrived at Wonderland. It is a strange but magical world they live party in! Present at the party were the different characters as seen in the movie. They even have some over-sized mushrooms, huge red roses and Hookah-smoking Caterpillar to completely seal the deal!

stage (2)

I love their table setup, the different elements Khim used are quite peculiar yet beautiful at the same time. Each centerpiece would make you believe that you are in the strange but enchanting world of Wonderland! Even their kiddie table setup is very much into the theme, too.

tabletableCtableBtable (11)tableA

“It’s always tea time” said the Mad Hatter and tea time is the theme of Linnea’s dessert table. If you‘ll look closely at the different desserts, you’ll be smiling like the Cheshire cat! I mean the cupcake mug-cupcake (did that make sense?), Mad Hatter & key cookies, Card Soldier rice krispies and their Alice in Wonderland cupcake set are over the top cuuute! It doesn’t hurt that their dessert tablescape setup looks gorgeous on its own!

sweetssweets (2)sweetsAsweetsBsweets (4)sweets (12)sweets (7)sweetsC

Vendor listing and reference:
Venue: Seda Hotel
Stylist/Decor: Khim Cruz of Party Deco
Cupcakes: Jackie Martinez
Cakepops, cookies and crispies : Gladys Joyce Zamora of Baking Bugs Bite
Emcee: Bonjee Entertainment
Printables and Invites: Party Deco

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