Jaeda’s Lalaloopsy Themed Party – 8th Birthday

I’m going loopy with Jaeda’s sew pretty Lalaloopsy themed party! Taking inspiration from the most graceful princess in Lalaloopsy Land, Jewel Sparkles, this ever-so-poised princess also loves the glitz and glam of the spotlight and of course, sparkly jewels. A party that will surely make every little girl feel like a princess, Party Deco, a Davao City based event stylist, sure did a wonderful job making Jaeda’s birthday bash sew magical and lala-lovely.

For Jaeda’s party, Party Deco aimed for something dainty and playful. To achieve this vision, they used flowers, pearls and of course, buttons in the lovely hues of pink and green. As expected, cute Lalaloopsy dolls were present at the party as part of the table centerpieces. These adorable cupcakes put the “sweetness” to this fantastic girly celebration.

centerpiece (2)centerpiececenterpiece (3)centerpiece (4)tableEtable

Jaeda’s dessert bar also served as the stage backdrop and it could not have been more perfect! This stunning sweet treats spread got loads of heavenly dessert like popcorn, choco bars, cakepops, cupcakes and cookies.

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More personalized details at Jaeda’s drink station.

drink station (2)drink station

Jaeda’s pre-event photos were showcased in this beautiful little gallery. The photoshoot was also styled by Party Deco and it matched her dreamy birthday bash flawlessly.

gallerygallery (2)photoshoot (2)photoshoot (3)photoshoot

Jewel Sparkles own the largest collection of tiaras in Lalaloopsy Land so these tiara and button inspired kiddie stools were the perfect party giveaways.

giveaways (2)giveaways (3)

Vendor listing and reference:

Stylist: Khim Cruz of Party Deco (Davao)
Cake, Cookies, Cakepops: Gladys Joyce Zamora of Baking Bug Bites
Souvenirs: Mini stools by Handicrafts Atbp.
Printables: Khim Cruz of Party Deco



  1. very nice and colourful lalaloopsy theme! my daughter loves this doll! they are apparently on sale in isetan suria malaysia. This doll is too cute great job with the theme!

  2. I love their eye for detail. Everything is so color-coordinated. The table decors are cute. I am sure the celebrant enjoyed this so much. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Awww! Happy 8th birthday Jaeda 🙂 I love your birthday theme 🙂 My little K used to like Lalaloopsy 🙂 I am sure you and her will get along just fine 🙂 The decorations are really pretty. I love it, so girly 🙂

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