Alexa’s It’s a Small World Themed party – 1st Birthday

It’s a small world indeed but for Alexa’s first birthday bash, Luxe Parties made sure that every detail was anything but small. Expecting Luxe Parties larger than life execution of even the tiniest details, I love how they successfully created this whole darling scene especially for this little cutie, Alexa. From the entrance down to the giveaways, they nailed it pretty well bringing Alexa’s fun-filled party to another level of awesomeness.

Sharing here with you are Mommy Roanne’s thoughts on Alexa’s birthday bash:

She might be Small, but she’s a BIG part of our world.

The theme was based on Disneyland’s ride “It’s a Small World”. Centerpieces were a mix of landmarks from around the world, people with different nationalities and pinwheels. The ceiling was decorated with hot air balloons that brought the whole concept together. The backdrop for the stage was made to look like the castle from the ride, too. The Japanese Girl or Alexa’s character on stage serves as the main character of the party – she’s seen on the invites, giveaways and cake.

Without further ado, let’s enter the magical world of Alexa’s party.


Using a gorgeous color palette of pink, lilac and gold, they accentuated the ceiling with something more colorful that makes the whole venue beam with festive tone.

setup (2)

Of course, this wonderful theme wouldn’t be complete without Disney’s Small World Castle, right?

stage (3)stage (2)

For the centerpiece, these pastel-colored embellishments topped with cute little cut-out kids provided a lovely touch to this fab celebration.

centerpiece (2)centerpiececenterpiece (3)

Lots of fun games and exciting show awaits Alexa’s guests, too!

entertaimententertainment (2)

Alexa’s sweet treats from around the world. What a fun way to present these delectable desserts! I wouldn’t mind making several “around the world” trip here.

cakesweets (4)sweets (5)sweetssweets (3)sweets (2)

Their photo-op area is fantastic as well. With these adorable life-sized standees manning the station, guests definitely had a wonderful time having their portraits taken here.


These colorful trunki luggage served as Alexa’s giveaways to her little guests. Now, these little rascals can travel with style.


Here’s the little charmer, Alexa with her proud parents.

family (11)family (7)

Vendor listing and reference:
Venue: Blue Leaf Filipinas
Stylist: Luxe Parties
Cake and Cupcakes: Cubcakes Philippines
Catering: Tjioe the Caterer
Host: Cherry from Jelly Bellies Co.
Food Carts: Dulcinea Churros, Merry Moo Ice Cream and Yummy Soy Chilled Beancurd
Photographer: Luxe Photography
Giveaways for kids: Trunki Luggage by Handicrafts Atbp.
Photobooth: Styled by Luxe Parties, Photos by the Photoman
Entertainer: Golden Show
Side Activities: Kiddie Salon from Jelly Bellies Co.


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