Sophia Charlie’s Snoopy Street Fair Themed Party – 1st Birthday

If you’re looking for a Snoopy Street Fair themed party inspiration, then here’s a perfect birthday bash for you. Lots and lots of stunning details were showered on this oh-so-dreamy affair making it not just fun but over the top fabulous as well! Styled by no less than the mom of Charlie, it’s such a delight to see how she managed to make the whole event so perfect. From the pre-event photoshoot to the party itself, Mommy Shirleen of Style Matters definitely thought of everything. With a dash of creativity, a pinch of style and lots of love, how can we not like Charlie’s street fair?

A little background here:

Shirleen is a huge fan of Snoopy Street Fair game that’s why she decided to have this adorable theme way before Charlie was born. Since she wanted to replicate the whole street fair mood at the party, they placed different food carts, game booths, and stores around the venue. Borrowing the concept from the game itself, they gave out tickets to their guests wherein they can use it to buy food, drinks, and prizes.

All the loveliness started with Charlie’s pre-event photoshoot. From the chic picnic setup to the soft color palette used, one word…dainty.

preevent (2)preevent (3)preeventpeevent

Charlie’s party didn’t disappoint either. I love the colorful tone and the fantastic setup! Everything looks so darn sweet and simply beautiful.


The table centerpieces look impressive. A miniature picnic setup complete with picnic bench and basket filled with adorable snack food plushies. Interesting!


Shirleen made sure that all these pretty details were perfect for Charlie’s special day. They even had a 2020 time capsule for Charlie wherein guests were invited to write a note and prediction for Charlie.

statuetime capsuledessertceilingdetails

As envisioned by Shirleen, food carts left and right were present at the venue and fun game booths, too.

foodcart (3)foodcartfoodcart (2)whitebeardgames1games

I don’t know if I could bring myself to eat a cake as cute as Charlie’s Snoopy cake. I just want to look at it.

cake (2)cake

Here’s the brain (and beauty) behind Charlie’s fab party, Shirleen of Style Matters with Charlie and Benzi.


You may watch Charlie’s video highlights here.

Vendor Listing and Reference:
Event Stylist: Style Matters
Photo Coverage: Randolf Evan Photography
Video Coverage: MG Video
Invite Layout: Googly Gooeys
Plushy Toys/Felt Items used in the centerpiece: Ants Pocket
Cake: Katrina Dy
Host/Entertainment: Astroboy Arvin of Mad Science
Coffee Party Kiosk: White Beard Café
Caterer: Villa Diana (0917-5506588)
Souvenir Bag: THC Bag Innovation (


  1. I love purple/lavender! This theme is absolutely nice and cool. My daughter saw the photos and said she loves everything about the theme! 🙂

  2. What a fun way to celebrate the first birthday. My son is turning one in few months and I am searching ideas for a birthday theme.

  3. Awww! Happy birthday to these two precious 🙂 They will always treasure their first birthday. They won’t remember it for now but with videos and pictures, they will appreciate these special occasions in their lives 🙂

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