Micaela’s Junior MasterChef Themed Party – 10th Birthday

Everyone’s in for a spoonful of treats, courtesy of Micaela’s Junior MasterChef-inspired party! Fans would be delighted to know that MasterChef is now being enjoyed not just as a tv show, but as a party theme as well. Foodie or not, one will definitely rave about the details in this event. There is no such thing as ‘half-baked’, especially when it’s mommy who took charge of the concept and ideas. It’s a good thing mommy had The Gigglebugs to take care of the set-up and styling because as far as ‘out-of-the-box’ themes go, this one definitely takes the cake. Want to know more why this party is one for the books? Here’s what Micaela’s mom has to say about the event:

“My daughter Ella started cooking last summer at The Institute of Culinary Arts de La Salle in Bacolod City and since then, she loves the kitchen! To celebrate her 10th birthday, we thought this theme will be perfect for her and at the same time, she could share her love for cooking with her classmates. She chose and invited about 15 of her friends for an afternoon of cooking extravaganza.

On the day, all chef guests were given an apron with their names and the Masterchef logo. They were welcomed by Chef Peter Gubuan. The kids were grouped into 4 and had to work as a team. Chef Peter went through each recipe and they had to work on these hands on. It truly was an afternoon of non-stop laughing and eating at the kitchen. The same dishes were then served at the party, the venue of which was at the cafeteria of the culinary school which was just located downstairs. Here, all the parents and guests were able to taste their cooking”.

Sounds interesting, right? Why don’t we savor in some culinary fun with these photos, courtesy of Badget Officer Photography.


These invites are making a statement! They are so Martha Stewart: handmade, simple and yet remarkable. I also love that the guests were addressed as chefs.


We are going nuts about Micaela’s main area! Built as a kitchen counter, it features a happy mess of sweets! Yes, this area also doubles as the desserts station. Psychology of colors says that red stimulates the appetite, so it is only apt that the main area is hued in white and red. They also had the MasterChef logo as the backdrop for this installment.
As mommy said: “The dessert table was set up as an oven and decorated with a variety of kitchen utensils and red and white desserts like red velvet cookies, brownies and crinkles, strawberry pavlova, strawberry and mango tarts and chocolate cupcakes”.

main (1)main (3)main (4)main (6)main (7)main (5)main (8)main

Aside from the sweets, the main area also displayed the menu for the day.
“Ella chose the menu which consisted of her favorite dishes. These are spaghetti carbonara, mac & cheese, cheese sticks, chicken schnitzel fingers, tacos, pizza, corn dogs and s’mores”.

main (2)food

The tables were simply spruced up in orange covers with chevron designs. Adding in some oomph are the menu cards, personalized water bottle labels and chef hats.


The scrumptious cake, whipped up by D’ Bakers, looks really cute in all its simplicity. Just look at that fondant goodness topped with a little baker girl with her pizza pie.

cake (1)cake (2)

Guess what’s the perfect activities in a Masterchef party? The answers should be easy as a pie: cooking, baking and eating, of course! Mentored by culinary expert Peter Gubuan, Micaela’s chef-in-the-making pals had fun preparing the food for the guests. And boy did they cook up a storm!

activities (14)activities (1)activities (3)activities (6)activities (7)activities (10)activitiesactivitiesA

Could there be anything more apt than recipe books as tokens? So ingenious!
“Guests will definitely remember the party every time they cook something from the recipe book. On top of that, they also took home their personalized apron, a mini frying pan mold and a chef’s hat. On the road to being kitchen legends, indeed!

giveaways (4)giveaways (1)giveaways (2)giveaways (3)

In this kitchen fete, everyone claimed a coveted MasterChef white apron and had a spot in the ‘MasterChef’ kitchen. So yes, everyone is a chef in his or her own right.


The Celebrant Chef was all smiles, putting into heart what Julia Childs has said: Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.

family (1)family (4)family (2)


Vendors who made it happen:

Set Up by: The Gigglebugs // Photography: Badjet Officer Photography // Cake: D’ Bakers // Desserts: The Bakery at Recados // Cupcakes: My Sweet Ideas
// Giveaways and Aprons: Personalized Picks

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