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Birthday parties are fun – we all know this well. Make it ‘for two’ and you double the pleasure. Yup! This is how the siblings Vince and Chloe’s birthday bash came about. Thanks to Party Bitz and Pieces’ helping hands, the joy of this day was times two. Let’s hop on to this celebration full of life through the snapshots from Cradles.

Look at how those paint splatters added more life to the paper lanterns. The hanging paintbrushes are great accent pieces displaying an artsy expression.

ceilingceiling (2)

The main area is all I can ask for. The paintbrush and paint palette made an excellent highlight plus the color combination is on point.

stage (2)

Tables were bursting in hues from table runner, napkins up to the centerpiece. By the way, those handprints on the table runner is such a slick idea.

table setting (3)table setting (4)table setting (6)

I’m pretty sure that the kids went crazy for that crayon tower on the kiddie tables. The customized placemats are awesome!

kiddie table (2)kiddie table (1)

This cake duo has all sorts of craftiness in them. Both are very childlike and uncomplicated but are absolutely artful!

cake (3)cake (5)

My eyes are popping at the view of these desserts. They look very candid and not too extravagant which gives it a pure and charming vibe.

sweets (2)sweets (1)sweets (3)sweets (5)sweets (7)sweets (8)sweets (9)sweets (10)sweets (12)

Put a magic show in a kid’s party and the guest will be sold. How hilarious is that costume?

showshow (6)

Not only the youngsters were competitive but also the ‘young-at-hearts’. Yup! Dads are participating.

games (3)games (11)

A creative corner was set up for Vince and Chloe’s friends. It has a little bit of everything a little artist needs to show off the Michelangelo in him. And while the children are busy with their artworks, moms lined up for the face and body paint and washable tattoos.

activity (2)activity (3)facepaint (1)facepaint (2)

The photo op backdrop is just cuteness overload! The props display a 3D effect that you cannot miss a chance to have an Instagram-worthy pose here.

photo-op (1)photo-op (3)

Everyone took home one of these squishy pillows as an expression of gratitude from our birthday sibs. We can be quite certain that those racks were emptied by the time the blowout ended.

giveaway (2)

It’s been a bright day for this family. Thanks to twice the happiness that Vince and Chloe bring!

family (2)family

Vendors who made it all happen:
Event Styling: Party Bitz and Pieces // Photography: Cradles // Sounds and Lights: LEX Audio Events Management // Photobooth: Jurie’s Photobooth

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