Ysabel’s School Fair Themed Party – 16th Birthday

During your school years, don’t you just look forward to festivities you get to enjoy only once every year? Seeing all the colorful booths, exciting activities and fellow students roaming around with a ball of cotton candy, we all deserve that annual break! If anyone’s missing these, Party Station made sure we’d instantly travel back to these wonderful moments with this celebratory theme.

As the guests enter, Ysabel’s name welcomes them in bright primary colors.

entrance (1)

But wait ’til you see these popcorn and snow cone standees! Who wants to grab some? *Teehee!

entrance (2)entrance (3)

With a closer look at the deets, we’d see smiles as bright as the party’s theme in these pictures of Ysabel and her family hanging with polka-dotted red and blue buntings.

entrance (6)

It’s raining yellow, red and blue everywhere! Balloons and buntings of these colors instantly perk up the event.

ceiling (4)

Now as you walk to the aisle, the stage is all dressed up with lights and decors you’d only see in carnivals. I already feel like an act is coming up!

stage (2)stage

The tables are all in character for the event. Mini versions of carnival rides are placed with all the sweet treats in colorful cups.

table (2)tableA

Yes, there’s even a Ferris wheel! A ride, anyone?

table (5)tableB

The cake is looking colorful and festive. It pretty much sums up the highlights of the event — popcorn, corn dog, booths and buntings! Foodception at its finest!

cake (1)cake (2)

This party is definitely for all the sweet-tooth. If I were here, this would be my spot!

sweets (1)

If you’re not in to sweets, no worries. There are other spots for you!


You wouldn’t be sitting all day long with all these entertainment spots set up not just for the youngsters but for anyone who wants to have fun!

side entertainmentside entertainment (3)side entertainment (2)

Even Ysabel is having so much fun. Victory is clearly evident on her face. How I’d love to play hockey too!

side enterainment

How cute! The party favors are disguised as carnival must-haves — carts, tickets, booths, aaaaand popcorn!


As the party ends, here are beautiful smiles from the celebrant and her family. Lovely!

family (2)family


Vendors who made it all happen:
Event stylist: Party Station // Invitation: Print Divas // Giveaways: Arteegram Phils // Letter Standees and Giveaways : Handicrafts Atbp. // Dessert Buffet: Party Bitz and Pieces // Cake: Bethany Dream Cakes // Photo and Video Onsite: Nice Print Photography // On the spot Mouse Pad: Studio on wheels

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