Walter’s Robot Themed Party – 1st Birthday

With some gears, bolts and nuts, we are sooo ready to head over to the more techie side of kiddie parties. A party that have all the gizmos, gadgets, beeps and buzz, let’s just say that this robot-themed party got some serious dose of awesomeness to boast. It’s a theme perfect for boys of all ages, from its bright and eye catching details to the fun “build your own robot” activity, Walter’s bash got loads of fantastic ideas to inspire us to throw our own robot-themed party. Styled by the ever creative Indy of She Dreams in Ink, she made sure that Walter’s party was overloaded with only the coolest stuff. So how about let’s all gear up as we bolt on over and go nuts to this adorable “beep bop bot”-day party!


Greeting robot friends! The fun begins at the entrance as guests were greeted by this cute robot. Wonderfully decorated with a bunch of gears, the entrance to Walter’s party certainly cranked up the fun-o-meter.


Paper lanterns in red, blue and white partnered with a group of stars gave the venue a fun intergalactic vibes. Also spotted some “floating gears” in space to add charm to their ceiling installation.

ceiling (2)ceiling

Perfect for all the tech-savvy kids, they will totally dig this rad stage backdrop. Showcasing another adorable robot, the light up details at the back plus all those ducting and gears gave this whole set a delightful spin. Don’t you love the silver X red X blue color combination?


Ohhh…this looks so awesome! Using recycled tin cans plus googly eyes and fuzzy wires for hair details, these fun and quirky-looking DIY robots gave their table setup a wacky boost. Mommies, I’m sure you can make your own robot centerpieces using some old tin cans and random knickknacks lying around your home. You can even ask your kids to help and make it an exciting DIY project to make it more personalized.

table (2)tabletable (3)

Accentuated with fondant robots, nuts and gears, Walter’s first birthday cake is 360 degrees pure fun.


Aside from games and magic show, the kids got to unleash their creativity via this “build you own robot” station. Again, I love how they creatively used lots of recycled materials on this party. Using colorful artsy and crafty materials to “upcycle” their own robot creation, I’m pretty sure the kids had a blast creating their own masterpieces.

show (5)show (1)activityactivity (3)

Even their buffet station was dressed up to match the theme!

food (1)

Goodies galore!! For their giveaways, each kiddie guest got to bring home these yummy-filled pails! Just how cute are those sugar cookies?


Here are some of my favorite snaps of Walter and his fambam.

family (1)afamily (2)family (3)


Vendors who made it all happen:
Stylist: She Dreams In Ink // Invitations: Nifty MNL // Caterer: The Creamery Catering // Cake and Cookies: Whipped by Diane // Photographer: Dennis Mendoza, Nice Print Photography // Party Planners: Jelly Bellies

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