Amanda’s Alice in Candy Wonderland Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Hello Loves! If you can join Alice in her adventures, will you go to Wonderland? Well, our little cutie here decided to bring all the fun to the Candyland. Yup, you read it right! Today’s party will give us the best of both worlds, from the explosion of bright colors to all the offbeat and quirky details. Perfect for the darling little princess of actress Ara Mina and Mayor Patrick Meneses, Amanda’s party will have us swooning in no time. I just love how NY Giftworks put a simple twist to one of the most in-demand party themes and turn it into something extra special. Multiplying all the fun and excitement by two, the mashup of these two themes gave us a mix of Alice’s eclectic whimsical world plus the oozing cuteness of a Candyland. A party filled with charm let Nice Print Photography take us to Amanda’s gorgeous bash with these wonderful photos. Enjoy!

To start off the fun adventure to Amanda’s party, guests received these adorable invites. I love how this eye candy of an invite instantly add a sense of wonder to Amanda’s party.


The entrance to Amanda’s party features a lovely blend of the two themes. With oversized mushrooms, swirly pops and paper roses, NY Giftworks made sure that all the details look good together.


Oh wow, would you look at this awesomeness! They amazingly transported the guests to a whole new wonderland with these chockfull of ceiling decorations. Noticed how they made the installation look like a giant tree sprouting in the center of the venue? Clever much. From colorful paper lanterns, pompoms, candy mylar balloons and hanging vines, I also spotted more swirly pops as part of their ceiling treatment

ceiling (1)ceiling

I don’t know about you but I think I would love to hang around the kiddie area a little longer. Mushroom tables with chairs? Too stinking cute! With activity sheets, crayons and personalized water bottles atop the tables, also jars with Amanda’s photo were used as table centerpieces.

table.kiddietable (2)table centerpiece2

Several sets of table centerpieces adorned their table setup. With miniature chairs, mushrooms, trees and directional signs, I bet Alice would love these knickknacks.


With a not so typical Alice in Wonderland nor Candyland-themed stage decoration, they chose a more chic approach for this party. Embellished with Amanda letter standees, rabbit silhouettes, huge mushrooms and candies, I think the whole scene looks refreshing.

stagestage (2)

For Amanda’s special day, they made her party extra special and sweeter by having not just one but 2 lovely cakes! I must say, both cakes look equally pretty, right? The massive 5 tier cake got every detail – both big and small – to perfection.

cake (2)cake (4)

Now, now, it won’t be a Candyland party without a table full of candies and sweet treats, yeah? It just won’t work. Much to their guests’ delight, Amanda also have 2 different stations for these yumminess! A candy buffet station and a beautiful dessert spread.

Aptly named Amanda’s candy store, the candy buffet featured a brimful of colorful candies for guests to enjoy.

candy buffetcandy buffet (2)

Rice krispies, cakepops, sugar cookies and cupcakes, these dessert treats by Sweet Creations by Mums look absolutely stunning! I think these treats will also be perfect for the Mad hatter tea party.

sweets (1)sweets (2)

To keep their guests enthralled throughout the party several side booths, shows and games were prepared for them to enjoy. Spotted a kiddie salon, hair bow station and bunny feeding station at the party.

side entertainment (1)side entertainment (2)side entertainmentshowprizes

Favors galore! Personalized shoe bags, pillows and goody boxes were given to their guests as party souvenirs.

favors (1)favors (2)favors

See their beautiful family photos with Amanda looking cute as a button.

family (2)family (4)family (6)

Lovely photos of Amanda’s family and friends having fun at the party.

guests (4)guests (5)guests (13)guests (17)guests (18)


Vendors who made it all happen:
Overall coordination and styling: NY Giftworks // Photo and video coverage: Nice Print Photography // Cake: Honeyglaze Cakes and eSweets Desserts and Cakes // Dessert: Partybitz and Pieces // Candy buffets: Sweet Creation by Mums, Angel’s Party Kitchen and Groove Paint Candy Buffet // Lights and sounds: LST // Caterer: Verleo Catering // Face paint: Groove Paint // Invites: Print Divas // Onsite shoebag printing: Nice Print Photo // Pillows and lootbox giveaways: Arteegram // Hair bow giveaways: @littlemisscaylee_ig

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