Kean’s Construction Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Caution: Construction party in progress.

Put on your hard hats as we head over to Kean’s fantastic construction-themed party. A venue filled with yellow and black details, Party Station did a superb job rounding up different equipment and machineries to set the perfect scene for the party. With actual tools being used as decorations, they also got amazing 3D construction vehicles for a fun look. Building our excitement with one cute detail to the next, Kean’s party got a truck-load of great ideas that will surely give us tons of inspirations. Right from the entrance to the different areas around the party, everything screams extreme cuteness! Dump everything, gather the crew and let’s head over to Kean’s party to dig in some fun!

Giving their guests a glimpse of awesomeness as to what they’re about to see inside, their entrance setup wonderfully set the tone for the party right from the start. To get the kids into the construction party spirit, these kiddie-sized hard hats were also handed out to them at the entrance.

entrance (1)entrance (3)entrance (2)

A balloon-filled ceiling welcomes the guests inside the venue. Balloons in yellow and black with a touch of orange were used as the main colors of the party. They also got various construction signs hanging in their ceiling setup.

ceiling (2)

Kean’s stage setup looks amazing! From the caution tapes, construction cones to safety vests and hard hats, the tools and 3D details they used made the whole installation so much cooler. It’s like all the construction-themed party essentials are packed into one area.

stage (7)stage (5)stage (8)stage (9)

More cute miniature deets were seen in their table centerpieces.

table (5)table (2)

Check out Kean’s cake by Bethany Dream Cakes. Complete with matching cupcakes to boot, Kean’s 3-piece interconnected construction cake looks great!

cakecake (1)

Even their snack bar and dessert station were tied to the theme perfectly! I love how they used those themed pails in lieu of paper bags to help their guests gather their sweet treats.

snack bar (1)snack cartAsnack bar

Here’s host Apollo in action making sure that everyone is having a great time at the party.


For the giveaways, they prepared these construction-themed tool caddies filled with more loots for the kids to enjoy.


Say “Hi!” to this little cutie!

family (1)family (2)

Vendor listing and reference:
Event stylist and coordinator: Party Station
Photographer: Little J Photography
Cake: Bethany Dream Cakes
Desset buffet: Larkie’s Bakery (Instagram: jhepoi08)
Host: Apollo Abraham
Giveaways: Handicrafts Atbp.


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