Kayla’s Pink Flamingo Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Flamingos have become quite a bit of the party animal these past few years, and it’s not really much of a surprise. It embodies the perfect pink + pretty formula, which is basically the foundation of most girl parties. Known for their beauty and flexibility, it’s really no wonder that these wonderful creatures are also called upon to grace milestone celebrations — from birthday bashes to bachelorette parties to baby showers.

For Kayla’s 1st birthday celebration, Kidstar Kastles brought the flamingo theme to the next level and made the party a tropical paradise! Just in time to usher in the summer days ahead! Needless to say, flamingos were the main element of the design, but to make everything lively and exciting, greens, flowers, and balloons in pastel shades were added in abundance. Kidstar Kastles sure did not hold back in styling up this birthday bash. And we love it!

So get ready to shake those tail feathers and check out these photos from Little J Photography.

Cute would probably be the first word that would come to mind when one looks at Kayla’s invite. Guests are given a sneak peek on what’s in store for them at the party, thanks to the beauteous flamingo at the top. I am totally fan-girling on this kind of invite! Not too over-the-top, straight to the point and well…cute!


Guests are immediately greeted with a burst of colorful chroma in this charming entrance installment. Textured leis and hibiscus gave off a refreshing vibe, while balloon pillars added some visual punch. Flamingos stood out gracefully to make sure everything is in place.


The ceiling was just uh-mazing! A kaleidoscope of balloons, honeycomb balls, lanterns, pompoms, leis and leaves set the perfect zesty mood. The entire set-up was definitely wow-worthy, with different textures, colors and depths playing with the eyes. They even had balloons arranged as fruits and trees, which only shows that Kidstar Kastles would go the extra mile for that added oomph.

ceiling (3)ceiling (1)ceiling (2)

The ceiling decorations were pretty hyped up, so why go low with the stage? The main area was consistent with the overhead installments: eye-gasmic. Different summer elements were used but with the same color palette. Aside from the balloons and foliage, pastel wooden crates were used and some exquisite flamingos were brought in. Amidst all these details, I like how Kayla’s lighted marquee name stood out.

stage (1)stage (3)

To strike the perfect balance, table spreads were toned down, in contrast to the concentration of details overhead and in front. However, that doesn’t mean that the tables were dull and dreary. Far from it, actually. These tabletops still made a statement, thanks to the cool linens with leaf prints and to the poised flamingo centerpieces.

table (1)table (2)table (8)

Kayla’s artisan cake by Penk Cheng was just too pretty to eat! This 3-layer masterpiece boasts not just of taste, but of its unique pink ombre hue. I love how it managed to be a head-turner even without being heavy on details. Ruffles and glitters may have earned the cake second glances, but the flamingo topper was what made it really stand out.

cake (2)cake (1)

Guests were treated to mouthwatering snack reinforcements from Sunrise Buckets, NYFD and Fluffed.


Guests would have to show off their brightest smiles at the photo area! Kayla’s name marquee would give any one the perfect glow for the camera.

photo op

A cute theme deserves equally cute souvenirs! Kayla’s thank-you tokens were charming little stools designed with flamingos and palm trees.


The charming birthday celebrant and her parents are all ready to flamingle!

family (2)family (8)family (10)

Vendors who made it all happen:
Event Stylist: Kidstar Kastles // Photography: Little J Photography // Cake: Penk Ching // Caterer: Tjioe The Caterer, Inc // Giveaways: Handicrafts Atbp // Host: Alex Lagula // Magician: Cris Castro // Photobooth: Photoman


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