Andres’ Pow Wow Party -1st Birthday

It’s always nice to come across a unique party. A kind of theme that promotes almost all the good things on earth; from music to arts, from singing to dancing, from your favorite food to just being yourself and embracing who you are. Thanks to the ever fabulous Party Please team, for being able to combine everything together flawlessly. The entire place was set-up perfectly where everyONE can just be “Young, Wild, and Free”. Be ready to swoon and indulge in this Indian Pow Wow 1st birthday themed party for our little chief, Andres.

One good thing about this theme is that you can mix and match as much as you like. Just like these massive pastel colored garlands and ruffles, partnered with the brightly patterned Aztec hanging decors, which made the entire place absolutely festive – yet, not overwhelming.


And who wouldn’t fall in love with this little Indian hut-inspired stage? Complementing the party’s theme, the stage was adoringly decorated with the combination of earth tone and happy-bright colours. And when I thought that they can’t make this party any cuter, they also put up these two mini teepees, a canoe, a mini rocking-horse, a cactus, and an Aztec patterned backdrop. Looks like the setting was taken out from a darling dream.

stage (2).e

Then there’s these adorable wooden inspired table centrepieces that also matched the earthy-tone theme of the party. Accentuated with the help of a very artsy twine wrapped bottle, a mini chalk-board with the word “one” written on it, and a cute blue letter “A” complete with its Indian feather headdress.

table.etable (2).e

And as usual, hooray to everyone’s favorite part! Devour on this extraordinaire three-layered cake that was designed with matching Aztec patterns on its side and a cute little Indian hut as its main piece. Let’s not forget the over the top sweetness from the tribe. The themed biscuits, cupcakes, and marshmallows were more appealing to the eyes because of its cool designs of patterns, arrows, and feathers.

sweets (1).esweets (3)sweets (2).esweets.esweets (4)

Cheers to our little chief, Andres, and his family!!

family (1).efamily (2).e

Vendors who made it all happen:
Event stylist: Party Please // Photography: Happy Folks Studio // Desserts: Felicity Patisserie // Coordination: Planners Plus Events Co.

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