Janna’s Kokeshi Doll Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Kawaii! That’s how I would describe Janna’s kokeshi-themed birthday party. This affair is totally exploding with cuteness! Kokeshi dolls are handmade wooden dolls sold as toys and souvenirs in Japan. These dolls may originally have had a spiritual significance with the kokeshi representing a wish for a healthy child. Our friends at Party Magic did an outstanding job transforming the traditional kokeshi into this charming and dainty party theme.

The party is dressed-up in different hues of pink, purple and blue. Japanese-theme essentials such as cherry blossom, Japanese parasols, lanterns, origami, and of course the kokeshi dolls, are huddled-up to bring that almost-authentic Japanese vibe. Pixelbros Digital Photography was there and they’re Japa-nice enough to share some snaps!

Konnichiwa! No entrance can be more welcoming than this Japanese Temple Gate. Soft colors of pastel pink and blue were used to make it girly beautiful.

entrance (2)entrance

This overhead design blew me away! The drapes, paper lanterns, bunting, balloons and Japanese parasols, all in pastel colors, are so fun and festive.

ceiling (1)ceiling (2)

The stage set-up is full of elements that we love about the Japanese culture. This time, a splash of bright accent colors were used to make the stage look vibrant. I love how each letter of the celebrant’s name is placed on a hanging paper lantern. And the cherry blossom added sweetness to this charming set-up.


The highlight of each table is an adorable kokeshi doll, accentuated with pretty flowers and floating balloons. This set-up added flair to the pretty pink tables.

table (4)tableA

This delightful two-tier cake by Truffle Park Co., Inc is overflowing with cuteness. It’s delicately designed with cherry blossom and kokeshi dolls. Nothing can get more dainty than this.

cake (2)

Now, this is one very creative dessert spread. They used a pink, dainty study table and a white antique side table and turned it into the dessert station. Again, there’s so much Japanese elements, that we love, present in this set-up. Bamboo sticks, origami cranes, lanterns and kokeshi dolls — they made those sweet treats even more enticing and appealing to the eye.

sweets (15)sweets (4)sweets (6)sweets (5)sweetsASWEETS (9)

This photo-op spot is absolutely Instragrammable! You wouldn’t want to miss taking a photo in this super cute and pretty nook.

photo-op (2)

Vendors who made it all happen:
Stylist: Party Magic // Photo and video: Pixelbros Digital Photography // Cake: Truffle Park Co., Inc // Photobooth: Coolshots Photobooth // Coordination and dessert spread: Themes and trends Events

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