Kai’s Under the Sea Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Some say that it’s a whole different world under the sea. Fortunately for us, Party Magic gave us a glimpse of that wonderful world through our featured party for today. Cute little sea creatures graced Kai’s party to ensure that the bash would be a splash! The mood was set by the different shades of blue, accentuated with dashes of pastels and green. The guests were treated to a smile-inducing stage, a jaw-dropping photo area, and a seaside-inspired sweets station. Check out the stills from Cradles and enjoy this jewel of a party under the sea.

Guests were greeted by Kai’s marine friends on this vibrant signage mounted on an easel. Pretty jellies, made from Japanese lanterns in hues of lavender and aquamarine, ushered the merpeople right into the shindig.


Look up above! Clear and blue balloons abound to make for bubbles, and a wave of drapings adorned the venue ceiling. Watch out! Blue orcas and green sea turtles made the setting more spellbinding. And what’s an under-the-sea party without jellyfishes? These whimsical creatures would inject tickles and giggles right into your heart.

ceiling (3)ceiling (2)

Say “Hi!” to our pals from the sea, which gathered on the stage to make sure that everyone is having fun! The colorful and larger-than-life clam, sea turtle, octopus, crab, seahorse and starfish were in attendance to make the place livelier. We also get more smiles from the wet well-wishers on the backdrop. Kai’s cake stood as the centerpiece, placed on a wooden barrel with a net draping. Once again, we see the graceful jellies above, with bubbles for company to complete that ocean floor vibe. Kai’s marquee signage was such a head turner, don’t you think?

stage (8)stage (2)stage (7)stage (10)

Lifeguard high chairs atop the tables sit as centerpieces, with luscious greens providing a pop of color. Who wouldn’t be smitten by the cute little shark plushies hanging from the fish poles? I bet this mini fellow did not fail to elicit smiles, if not laughter, from the onlookers.

table (3)table (4)

Kai’s cake was such an eye candy! Three layers of fondant goodness delighted the party-goers. The bottom layer served as the ocean floor for cute little sea swimmers. Details such as the seaweeds, sea sponges and beads made this all the more eye-gasmic. Scallops in sea shades adorned the second layer, giving the illusion of fish scales. A dolphin and a whale on the top tier guaranteed that this cake will be a certified show-stopper.

cake (2)cake

The party’s dessert station featured a bounty of decadent mouth-watering goodies. The area exuded a laid-back seaside vibe. Wood dominated over water, as it was used to mount sweets and accents. It can also be seen as the back paneling, adorned with the crabby catch of the day. Colorful lanterns accentuated from the top. The seahorses and the sea turtle brought the ocean into this seaside patch.

desserts (1)desserts (7)desserts (4)desserts (5)

Like Bruce from Finding Nemo, you may have to remind yourself that “fish are friends” once you see the cupcake toppers! A plethora of sea creatures gave oomph to these sinfully delish chocolate cupcakes.

desserts (9)desserts (10)desserts (11)desserts (13)

Guests surely had the time of the day with these games.


And what better way to remember this event by, than a photo area that’s bubbling with amazing sea details! Step right into the giant clam and be the pearl of the party. Or pose behind the hammerhead and be a shark snack. The backdrop gave the illusion of seaweeds and bubbles, making the space magical. Splashes of white and corals, as well as conches and sea urchins, added waves of character into the area. Throw in a “No Swimming” sign and finish up with some charming snapshots of the celebrant, and you’ve got the perfect photo ops area.

photo op (1)photo op (2)

Treats were housed in these cute little polka dotted paper bags in palettes of lavender and blue. Aside from the bags, some goodies were also contained in small water bottles, which is already a giveaway in itself. Even the “Thank You” tags were not spared from under-the-sea details.

giveaways (1)giveaways (2)

Guests of all ages visibly enjoyed Kai’s birthday bash. The kids can’t help but ogle at all the sea goodness surrounding them.

family (1)

Here’s the birthday boy Kai looking dapper and having a splashin’ time with his beautiful parents.

family (7)family (11)family (16)


Vendors who made it all happen:
Stylist: Party Magic // Photographer: Cradles

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