Ashlee Jade’s Mooshka Dolls Themed Party – 7th Birthday

Whenever I throw a party, it’s always anything but the original plan. Teehee! Initially, I was thinking of having a Breakfast at Tiffany’s themed party, then there’s the “All that Glitter/Pink and Gold” themed party and lastly, the dollhouse party. But alas! A mash-up of Mooshka Dolls and Dollhouse it is! A party that gives off an undeniably warm and dainty feel, I just love the overall laid-back vibes of this party. Since I was aiming for a small and intimate bash with only our closest family, friends and her school classmates, I wanted everything to be special. Choosing not to have the usual kiddie party program, Ashlee’s party was all about her favorites – girly stuff. From painting, jewelry making and dress up doll activities, every activity was certified Ashlee-approved. One of my most stress-free parties to date, I am glad how everything turned out – a cozy ambiance where adults can talk and catch up plus different fun activities for the kids to get their hands full. Without further ado, I’m sharing with you some of the highlights of Ashlee Jade’s 7th birthday party.
PS: Expect to see lots and lots of stunning photos for this post because, well, Jed Uy did an amazing job running from one corner to the next.

When Moon House by Pinwheel Crafts first launched their super adorable box type invites, I just knew I wanted one. The details and the craftsmanship was a-wesome! Check out what they did for Ashlee’s invites.

invites (1)invites (2)invites (3)

When I started planning this party, my mantra was “Keep it simple, keep it simple” and while yes, I did try to make it simple, Kathleen had other things in mind! Really, the venue was anything but simple. Everything looks gorgeous.

entrancevenueceiling (2)

The table setting was extra lovely, as well. Aside from the cute 3D Mooshka Doll centerpieces, the paper dollhouses specially made and shipped from Cagayan De Oro to Manila by Whimsy + Chic Invites were simply impressive. The DIY chair tie accent I made from paper doilies and personalized stickers were the cherry on top.

tabletable (3)table (2)table (4)

These 4 life-sized Mooshka Dolls owned the stage area! They easily turned the venue from “Wow” to “OMG! That looks amazing!” Just to give you an idea how tall these dolls are, they’re TALLER than me! Spark + Twinkle makes one of the meanest, most impressive and unbelievably accurate 3D styro decors in the Metro.

stage (3)

For the foodcarts, I decided to only have 2 – Famous Belgian Waffle and Big Scoop Ice Cream and I wouldn’t have it in any other way. It was an instant hit to both kids and adults!

food cart

At the entrance, the kids were given their own “Dollhouse Stub” to make sure they will know their way around the party.


Of course, different glam booths by Happy Crafts by Akishea were present for their kiddie makeover – kiddie salon, glitter tattoo and nail art. I think the facilitator got a little overwhelmed and outnumbered by the kids (and some adults), the line was just crazy!

salon (5)salonsalonA

In lieu of the usual kiddie party entertainment, we decided to go with more personalized and interactive activities for the kids. For me, it’s like hitting two birds with one stone as their finished products also served as the giveaways. I also handed out these Mooshka Doll tote bags so the kids can easily take their party goodies home.

activity (6)

The Boys Club aka the ceramic painting area and mini clay art workshop. Here, the team of Love Labor of Love gave a mini clay art workshop for the boys. To be honest, I wasn’t able to get the chance to sit down and take part in their workshop. But I did see lots of boys painting the 3D ceramic trains and cars. Even my daughter joined the fun with my backup cupcakes ceramic magnet.

paint (2)paint (4)

The dress-up doll buffet by Ant’s Pockets is one of the highlights of the event. Here, the kids get to choose their own doll, its hair, dress and shoes! My daughter Amber was ecstatic, who wouldn’t? Girls will be girls. The package includes 8-10” dolls, 4 designs of hair, clothes and shoes.

activity (9)activityAactivity (2)activityB

This area made both the kids and their moms (and yayas) very happy, the DIY jewelry station. Aside from the unlimited beads for the jewelries, the girls also got to choose their own super adorable princess/doll necklaces. The pendants were specially and personally made by Provenance1800 Designs and Crafts and they were beyond cuuute! As a token for the parents, the moms also got some dessert-inspired magnets while the dads got photo holders.


Games are non-negotiable for my daughter and besides, I don’t think any kiddie party will be complete without some exciting games, right?

games (2)games

Ashlee’s cake was made by Tazzy Cakes and the details were superbly done and not only that, they made one super yummy banana chocolate chip cake! I didn’t give them any design specifics at all and yet, they made it perfectly to Ashlee’s delight. The lighted lamp-post was my only request and yes, they made it happen.

cake (3)cakeA

The dessert spread goodies were wonderfully made by Sugarplum Pastries. Everything was just as yummy as they look.

sweetssweets (5)sweets (6)sweetsA

How cute is this photo op area? Different growing up photos of Ashlee were also showcased at the backdrop.

photobooth (3)photobooth

Again, to my ever so talented friend/personal stylist – Christine Lam Designs, thank you so much for Ashlee and Amber’s beautiful gowns. It was indeed lovely, as always!

family (2)family (4)

To see more of the party, check out Ashlee’s video highlights by Michael Mercado.

Vendor Listing and Reference:
Venue: North Greenhills Clubhouse
Event Stylist: Spark + Twinkle
Photo Coverage: Jed Uy Photography
Video Coverage: Michael Mercado Videography
Cake: Tazzy Cakes
Sweet Treats: Sugarplum Pastries
Activities: Ant’s Pockets, Provenance 1800 Designs and Crafts and Love Labor of Love
Kiddie Salon: Happy Crafts By Akishea
Invites: Moon House by Pinwheel
Paper Doll House Centerpiece: Whimsy + Chic Invites
Foodcarts: Famous Belgian Waffle and Big Scoop Ice Cream
Catering: Golden Cape Catering
Tote Bag: Smugzzle
Gowns: Christine Lam Designs


  1. This is just so beautiful and well-crafted, JoAnne! I’m sure your little girl felt the most special that day.

  2. Hi Jo-Anne. How was Golden Cape as your caterer? I’m planning an intimate birthday for my daughter. Thanks

      • Nice to know. Thanks for the reply. As my budget permits, I might go either for Verleo, Queensland or Golden Cape. Thanks again. More power to your blog!

  3. hi! i was searching for photos of the famous belgian waffle for bday parties and saw this! 🙂 i was wondering if i can ask how much they charged you for this. thank you so much! 🙂

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