Kalden’s Chocolate Shop Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Nope it’s not Charlie and the Chocolate Factory but it’s baby Kalden and the Chocolate Shop! It’s a chocolate-filled themed party with a twist for our birthday boy who just celebrated his first birthday. What an amazing idea for a first birthday! We all know that life is sweeter with chocolate, right?

What’s a birthday party without balloons? Instead of placing them on the chairs like most birthday parties, it was scattered above the ceiling. Having them in different shapes and sizes gave the venue an added boost of energy and FUN vibes.


Give me a “K” “A” “L” “D” “E” “N”! What does that spell? It’s KALDEN! The big letter standees were arranged in front of our baby boy’s chocolate shop. It really embodies the theme.

stage (2)stage

Sharing with their guests some fun facts about Kalden, look at these itsy bitsy milestone boards!

centerpiece (2)centerpiece

The birthday cake was inspired by Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’s garden of chocolate! Who wouldn’t want a piece of that cake? I think no one! And the chocolate buffet is more like chocolate heaven!

cake (2)sweetssweets (3)

It’s not Willy Wonka who entertained the kiddos but a magician. Everyone paid attention and cooperated during the program. It was all fun and games! They even got a booth full of prizes for all the kids. Sweet sweet victory, literally!

activity (2)activityentertainmentshow (4)show (3)prizes (2)prize

I like the kissing booth themed photo op area while the ice cream and cotton candy booth added melodiousness to the event.

photo opfoodcart

Everyone did not go home empty-handed for there were lots of loot bags filled with more sugar and everything nice!


From Kalden’s mom, Maj:

“Kalden’s chocolate world is inspired by a bit of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory and some famous chocolates around the world! We chose this theme because for some reason, a chocolate themed party is rarely used. Unique, fantastic and kids will surely love a deliciously chocolate-y party! All kids enjoyed it especially when they found out about the secret “Golden Tickets.” Tickets were randomly hidden under the kiddie chairs and adults tables to get yummy chocolate treats at “Kalden’s chocolate store.” The party was a blast! Everyone had fun – both the kids and kids at heart!”

family (2)

Vendor listing and reference:
Venue: Sorrento Oasis Clubhouse
Event planning, coordination and services: Parties by Andains
Balloon Decor: Balloon Republic
Photography: Keith Jambora Photography
Caterer: Hydz Events Catering
Cake: Detty’s cakes
Candy Buffet: Parties by Andains
Host/Magician: Symond


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