Zakia’s Dessert World Themed Party – 1st Birthday

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Zakia’s Dessert World-themed birthday party was everything sweet and eye candy! The way Party Bitz and Pieces’ styled this event triggered everyone’s sweet tooth, and left people craving for more. With everything that’s going on, good thing Harry Lim Photography, and Lemon Three Films captured every sweet moment for everyone to see.

Welcome to Zakia’s Dessert World! You couldn’t possibly miss it! Giant cupcakes, and ice cream sundaes guard the entrance. A cotton candy pink arch with Zakia’s name in big, bold, luminous letters gave it an extra oomph.

entrance (79)entrance (80)

There is no such thing as too much pink, and the ceiling speaks for that fact. The ceiling was filled with pastel pink balloons, lights, and hanging cupcakes that simply oozes with cuteness.

ceiling (42)

This stage is every dessert lover’s paradise. From the 3D ice cream, macarons, donuts, gummy bears, just looking at the stage is enough to give me a sugar rush!

stage (71)stage (35)stage (20)stage (26)

Pink, on pink, on pink! The pastel table cloth matched well together with the ice cream truck centerpiece, and petite flower arrangements.

table (43)table (47)

This multi-layered cake is just W-O-W, I’m sure nobody could take their eyes off it. Every layer was unique up to the smallest detail. Edible trinkets embellished the cake with a gumball machine as the cherry on top.

cake (8)cake (5)

This dessert spread was on a whole new level. A candy truck carried different kinds of pastries such as cakepops, cupcakes, cookies, mallow pops, rice crispies and more. Guests can even strike a couple of poses here for an IG-worthy snap.

sweets (44)

With this much desserts in one room, energy was through the roof! Good thing our friendly princesses were there to entertain everybody and to make sure everyone was having a blast. They even have a bubble show to boot!

show (104)show (208)

I’m sure everyone wanted to take their desserts to bed, and thanks to Zakia, her guests can definitely do that with their new cupcake pillows. Tumblers by Instamug were also provided so they can take their yummy drinks on the go!

giveaways (134)giveaways (132)giveaways (131)

Cupcakes, cookies, and candies sure are sweet but there is nothing sweeter than the unconditional love that parents give to their children. Cheers to this lovely fambam!

family (63)family (59)

Vendors who made it all happen:
Styling by: Party Bitz and Pieces | Photo: Harry Lim Photography | Video: Lemon Three Films | Venue: Castellucio Events Place | Souvenirs: Instamug | Sweets Table: Buffet of Sweets by Ananta | Food Carts: | Coordinator Events by Dawn

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