Cassie’s Candyland Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Dessert Museum Theme Party Ideas


There’s nothing more that tickles our taste buds than desserts. And when it’s done all fancy and pretty, we know it’s definitely tasty. Today’s featured party took inspiration from the sweetest of all sweet treats! Young Cassie’s first fete was filled with color, charm, and of course, candies — all thanks to the creative minds of Styled By Deiz and coordination of Events by Popping Parties. Ready for the playful snaps from Sam Rigby Films? Sit back and enjoy the sumptuous feast for the eyes!

Who could miss this whimsical candyland-inspired décor welcoming guests at the door? Sugar and a bit of spice made everything totally nice, dare we say! It gave us a hint of what awesome things to come once we step inside. Sundaes, shakes, and scoops of ice cream, anyone?

entrance_5 (1)entrance_9

Look up and it felt like we’re in the famous Dessert Museum! Pastel-colored balloons festooned the ceiling, with colorful candy drops in between. It almost made us quip “Nasa heaven na ba ako?” (Am I in heaven?) because of the bright and cheery vibe going on.


At the stage, sugar-filled, lip-smacking treats took front and center. Big, vibrant macarons, donuts, ice cream cones, marshmallows, and lollipops totally had us craving for more sweets! You can never have too much of a good thing, right?


True to the theme, each table had a colorful, humongous dessert as the centerpiece. Mint-colored tablecloths were paired with pastel-hued napkins for a merry décor. Everything was such a treat for the eyes, but we bet guests also enjoyed the delightful feast from Verleo Catering and the famed lechon from Sabroso.


What’s a Dessert Museum-themed birthday bash without a cake? Of course, Cassie had one and it was oh so breathtaking! The team at Box of Sweets by Punky Porca pulled out all the stops to make the three-tiered confection such a sight to behold. Done in adorable pastels and brimming with charming deets, it was undeniably the day’s piece de resistance!


They say that life is better with sweets, and none rings more true at Cassie’s celebration. The dessert spread was laden with wonderful, dainty treats. From cupcakes and cookies to meringue and dessert bars, it was a buffet truly made in heaven—well, for sweet-toothed guests, at least!


It’s not easy to miss the eye-catching donut wall from Confetti Ball, where people can have a pick from any of these J.Co favorites.


And if pastries were not up to your alley, other food carts catered to finicky taste buds. Happy Lemon, Sorbelato, and Soyblessed offered alternatives no less delicious than those at the dessert buffet.

cart_95 (1)cart_247

Tummy weren’t the only ones that got filled that day, but the hearts as well. Vivacious host Marcus amped up the fun with his magic show, while mascots delivered an entertaining performance for the kids and kids-at-heart.


The party won’t be a success without the guests, so as tokens of appreciation, some get to take home wooden caddies filled with good stuff. Others received colorful neck pillows.

giveaways_20 (1)giveaways_40

Li’l Cassie and her parents were beyond grateful to everyone who took their time to celebrate with them. We wish nothing but the sweetest life for Cassie as she grows through the years.


Suppliers who made it happen:
Styling: Styled By Deiz | Event Coordination: Events by Popping Parties | Photo and Video: Sam Rigby Films | Cake & Desserts: Box of Sweets by Punky Porca | Host and Magician: Marcus Ondevilla | Catering: Verleo Catering | Donutwall: Confetti Ball | Food Carts: Happy Lemon, Sorbelato and Soyblessed | Lechon: Sabroso | Mascots: Mascot Maker and Props Philippines | Souvenirs/ Giveaways: Handicrafts,atbp. | Venue : Avida Towers Vita Clubhouse

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