Javi’s “Beach and Surf” Inspired Party – 1st Birthday

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Far out! Surf’s up, and the wave tribe has come to celebrate a birthday that’s as rad as a pipeline hero riding a perfect barrel. It’s Javi’s first birthday, and his mom and dad are throwing a luau. Party Magic PH certainly lived up to its name as it transformed the venue into a surfer’s world filled with character, bright colors, and nautical pieces. Are you all stoked? Then put on your wetsuits or don your coziest board shorts and tees, and let’s catch some waves with Javi!

There’s no mistaking the party theme with this extremely cool beach cottage entrance. With a bevy of eclectic décor, from the distressed paint on the wooden shutters and the pallet wall to the wind chimes made of puka shells and rope, the lifeguard chair, and the life ring, it can’t get more rustic and shabby chic than Javi’s slice of paradise.

entrance (75)entrance (3)

The ceiling is a color fiesta! Turquoise, light blue, yellow, and apricot paper lantern balls and buntings of the same color stand out against yards of soft white ceiling drapes. Swimming in the sea of lovely party danglers is a pod of orca whales. Surfboards in different colors and designs cap off a totally epic ceiling!

ceiling (9)ceiling (31)

Javi’s stage is a beautifully decorated rustic surfers’ shack that has been painted in tones that resemble the ceiling. This already lovely arrangement is made even more charming with the addition of surfboards, a beach chair, a woven basket, and palm trees. The classic Volkswagen van, the quintessential surfer’s vehicle, is like the cherry on top of this amazing setup.

stage (13)stage (16)stage (23)

The tables are draped in light blue cloth that sets off a chevron orange and white table runner. A miniature lifeguard chair and a stuffed fish at the end of a fishing pole make a fun centerpiece. Other tables are decked with a tall glass vase of palm leaves set on a square dish filled with pebbles and “surfed up” with small wooden crabs and surfboards.

table (1)table (6)

The details on Javi’s cake and the precision with which it was made are nothing short of perfect. The first layer is covered in seamless fondant, the color of the sky on a bright sunny day. Fluffy white fondant clouds, seagulls, waves, a coconut tree, and a beach cottage complete the scene. A fondant version of Javi, clad in yellow board shorts and cool shades, is calling the first big wave. The second layer is a favorite beach scene for most people: the sun, in all its glory, rising at sea. Cute little details like the waves and fish are added adornments. The topmost layer has some nice-looking surfboards resting on a fence and a fondant Javi ready to take on the waves. A fondant version of the cool 1974 Volkswagen bus is perfect for this “top-surf” birthday cake.

cake (68)

The guests enjoyed only the best snacks from La Lola, Big Chill, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, Frittery, Spud Buds, Big Als Cookie Jar, and Food Channel.

food carts (109)food carts (104)

There’s entertainment for everyone – an exciting bubble show for Javi’s young guests and the music of the Naughty Pandas for Javi’s parents and their friends and family.

show (140)sound.entertainment (139)

The fun never seems to end as the children have loads of activities to enjoy, from dazzling up some flip flops with bright, colorful beads to playing some arcade games.

side activities (100)side activities (112)

It won’t be a stretch to claim that their racks of gifts and prizes might pass for an aisle of toys and fun items in a department store. It must have been a thrill to play all the games and win a prize. And with all those toys, none of the children went home empty-handed.

prizes (90)

Everyone gets to bring home a pouf chair with the iconic Volkswagen surfer’s bus, a drawstring tote, a lunch bag, handy water bottles and drinking glasses, or beach towels.

giveaways (98)giveaways (97)giveaways (96)

Party Magic pulled out all the stops to create not just one but two great spots for guests to strike a pose for an Instagram-worthy photo. Guests can sit on a macramé swing chair hanging over a sandbox. Palm fronds in the background and nautical pieces like a life ring, an oar, and a surf shop sign complete the scene. Wooden lounging chairs under a beach umbrella, some palms, and an orange Volkswagen van in the background offer another photo op for everyone at the party.

photowall (61)photowall 2 (84)

Javi has started his wonderful adventure, and we look forward to the many stories he will tell. Here’s hoping you get to enjoy the sea, the sun, and the surf in the years ahead!

family (57)family (78)

List of suppliers:
Stylist: Party Magic PH | Photo: Harry Lim Photography | Video: Lemon Tree Films | Music Entertainment: Saxy Beast MNL, Naughty Pandas | Food and Catering: K by Cunanan | Food Carts: La Lola, Big Chill, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, Frittery, Spud Buds, Big Als Cookie Jar, Food Channel | Venue: Blue Leaf Cosmopolitan

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