Mishka’s Dreamy Santoro Gorjuss Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Starry Night Theme Party Ideas


There’s something dreamy about starry night-themed fetes (yes, pun intended!) that we totally love and absolutely enjoy planning from the get-go. For today’s party inspo, Little Mishka’s star-filled celebration was done with a gorgeous Gorjuss™ twist!

To the uninitiated, the Gorjuss girls were drawn in a quirky way with their characteristic wide-eyed wonder. Charming, cute, and playful are best words to describe the entire collection — something that Party Magic tapped into when styling for the fete. We can’t simply stop raving about every little detail of this party so here are a few snaps from Cradles that made the fantastic bash such a dream!

Done in pastel pink, Mishka’s party invites had an adorable take on the kiddie rhyme “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”. It was a subtle reminder of how young Mishka has grown over the past couple of months and brought joy to her family.


Veering away from the blues and blacks of starry nights, the entrance was bedecked in dainty shades of pink and purple, with flecks of silver in between. A lovely setup that’s fit for the day’s brightest star, li’l Mishka.

entrance (1)entrance (2)

A photowall was just the perfect addition to the day’s event. The eye-popping nook was oh-so-beautifully designed and dressed up that it totally screams Insta-worthy! The humongous background was a dreamy purple sky with two Gorjuss girls prancing around. What added to the charm were the scattered twinkling pink stars!


We loved the idea of how the dessert buffet just took center stage — literally! — in all its purple and pink glory! And mind you, it was absolutely whimsical and fantastic in every single way!

stage.dessert spread (3)

Up close, balloons in various shapes, sizes, and shades were creatively strung to form some sort of pinkish, glittering Milky Way. Fluffy clouds were draped in fairy lights added sparkle to the whole fabulously intricate setup! Everything up there was totally oozing with cheery, girlish vibe!

stage.dessert spread (2)stage.dessert spread (1)

Mishka’s midnight blue cake was a gorgeous three-tiered creation by Cottontail Cake Studio. True to the theme, it was filled with tiny stars and lovable characters blissfully playing amid the clouds. How about that moon, joyfully looking down on everyone who’s fast asleep at night?

cake (1)cake (3)cake (2)

The dessert spread was truly the center of attention as delightful sweets and pastries from Cottontail Cake Studio and Mommy Janice were all lined up to be enjoyed fully! Lip-smacking cookies, delectable cupcakes, yummy cake pops, and delicate macarons were insanely detailed and all too pretty to be gobbled up in one go! Everything wasn’t just a feast for the eyes but for the taste buds as well!

sweets (1)sweets (2)sweets (3)sweets (5)

Each table had a simple but chic centerpiece comprising of star-shaped pink balloons and Mishka’s charming Gorjuss character. Paired with fresh flowers, it was a perfect complement to the celeb’s décor!

table (1)

There were a lot of options to snack on — not just for the sweet-toothed guests. We bet that nearly everyone made a beeline to the all-time fave french fries of Potato Corner, but we knew that kids had a grand time ordering their own ‘poo’ at Poo Puff! And for refreshments, how about a glass of fruity juice from Sip or a scoop of milky ice cream from Merry Moo?

foodcarts (4)foodcarts (3)foodcarts (1)

To be honest, there was never a dull moment at this soiree! Color Play Happy happily set up camp for a creative, educated play that was tailor-fit according to theme. Kids get to paint their own night sky trinkets, dress up a few dolls, and create their own fancy glow jars! Because of the novelty and sheer genius of the idea, we’d love to see more of them in future fetes!

activities (2)activities (5)activities (6)activities

Aside from their own handmade knickknacks, kids get to take home personalized pillows for extra sweet dreams – yep, they got Ink Scribbler to do on-site calligraphy. Plus, a paint-by-the-numbers kits from Artcraze were up for grab!

giveaways (5)giveawaysgiveaways (2)

There was also an adorable album done in storybook-style given to guests documenting li’l Mishka as she grew up.


Here’s a beautiful family portrait of young Mishka with her happy parents and older brother. It looked like everyone had a great time at the soiree, including the li’l celebrant who looked adorable in her pink fluffy gown!

family (2)family (3)family (1)

Suppliers who made it happen:
Full Planning and Coordination: Party Doll Manila Events // Stylist: Party Magic PH // Photo: Cradles // Video: Lemon Three Films // Cake and desserts: Cottontail Cake Studio and Mommy Janice Tan // Activities: Color Play Happy // Giveaways: Artcraze (paint by numbers), And other things (pillows), and Storybook (illustration by Mae Tobias Papa) // Venue: Discovery Primea

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