Harmonie’s Cocomelon Farm Party – 2nd Birthday

Cocomelon Theme Party Ideas


There’s nothing like learning the colors, shapes, and ABCs through a colorful and family-centered animation series. For adorable little Harmonie, fun-time always includes her favorite JJ and his family, along with all their CocoMelon friends. And since she’s turning two, what better way to celebrate this wonderful day than a CocoMelon birthday bash!

It took the combined efforts of events specialist, Party Doll Manila and ace stylist, Party Magic to turn a 2-year-old’s birthday party into one stellar celebration. Harmonie’s special memories from this day were captured by Happy Folks Studio and Lemon Three Films.

Mochi the monkey and JJ seem to jump out from behind bales of hay to greet Harmonie’s guest welcome. Overhead are buntings made of light orange paisley kerchiefs that lend a rustic/shabby chic vibe.


Guests took Instagram-worthy pictures with Yoyo and her guitar-playing dad in this pretty photo wall set against a pink and white farm shed backdrop. A wheelbarrow, hay bales and a cute little lamb made a charming addition to this photo wall.


JJ, Yoyo, and TomTom had a romp at the farm with some of the animals, just like in CocoMelon’s version of Old McDonald. The pink barn and pink tractor highlighted the fact that this special day belongs to an awesome little girl.


Guests relished the birthday feast on tables covered with pink table cloth and a gingham runner of a lighter hue. Each table is adorned with pampas and rabbit tail grass in white ceramic vases. Pink wooden wagons laden with tiny white and peach blossoms completed the beautiful centerpiece.


Harmonie must have loved this cool piñata cake that came with the Cocomelon gang, which was expertly crafted out of fondant by Tsokoñata!

pinata cake-7

The children wore large smiles behind their masks from all the fun they had playing games and the thrill of winning some fantastic prizes.


Children are the happiest when playing in the company of friends. Here we see Harmonie and her friends bounce, jump and slide to their hearts’ content.

kiddie activities-12kiddie activity-48

Guests were treated to a wide range of afternoon snacks, including sorbetes ice cream, gulaman, taho, and mixed balls!


Harmonie’s party had one special feature that set it apart from every other birthday treat – an animal encounter! A baby civet, goldfish, a bunny, and even an albino python were among the animals they got to feed and pet.

animal encounter-43animal encounter-38animal encounter-44animal feeding station-11animal feeding station-40animal feeding station-41

There’s a sparkle in her eyes that accompanied that pretty smile. Indeed, there is nothing more beautiful than a joyful child. Happy 2nd birthday, Harmonie!


Vendors who made it all happen:
Full planning and coordination: Party Doll Manila Events | Stylist: Party Magic | Photo: Happy Folks Studio | Video: Lemon Three Films | Piñata cake: Tsokonata | Foodcarts: Sorbelato & Soyblessed | Side activities: Inflatables by Julianna | Host: Madz Canilas | Catering: Tjioe Catering

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