Carla’s Hello Kitty in Candyland Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Hello Kitty Theme Party Ideas


Feline Phenomena! Today’s party features the ultimate icon of kawaii, Ms Kitty White, also known as Hello Kitty. Known for her perpetual cuteness, this anthropomorphic bobtail cat has won the hearts of girls and ladies alike. We’ve all seen this charming little character: from small scented erasers, to home appliances; from transportation to establishments; from high fashion to streetwear; Hello Kitty with her iconic red bow will always be the epitome of the idealized girl-hood.

It would be easy to see why Carla’s parents would choose Hello Kitty as her party theme. After all, they are both cheerful, friendly and energetic. So, here’s the main challenge in pulling off a Hello Kitty birthday bash: how to engage the little boys with such a girly theme. Why, with a second theme, of course! Hence, Hello Kitty in Candyland, because what better way to unite kids of all ages than with sweet treats, right?

At the helm of design and styling is The Party Project Manila, who is always up for this kind of demand. Instead of using a palette of red and white shades (which is a staple for any Hello Kitty fete), Carla’s party was hued in a fun chroma-combo of aqua, honeysuckle, and purple. Guests were enticed with a myriad of sweet and eye-catching elements, instead of being bombarded with just one and the same detail. If the goal is to create a charming and festive mood for the guests, this is a hands-down win.

Scroll down for some Paul Vincent-ied snaps of Carla’s milestone!

An entrance set-up has never looked so sweet! It invokes the same feeling one gets right before entering a candy shoppe: #excitedmuch.


I am so in love with the ceiling installment. The tassels inspire a captivating and festive mood, sparking awe from onlookers. Japanese lanterns in pastel undertones were also added for more impact. My favorite deets would be the hanging sweet treats.


The main area features larger-than-life decadence. Gigantic lollies, colossal cupcakes and huge doughnuts draw the attention in with their convivial charm. As the better half of the party theme, a Hello Kitty was placed in the middle of the set-up. Carla’s name was displayed as a marquee, which brought in the element of light.


Care for more eye candies? Check out their table centerpieces.

table centerpiece

Guests were invited to have their souvenir shots taken at this charming photo nook which featured some of Carla’s most adorable photos.


Layers upon layers of custom-made designer token cakes, Carla’s 2-tiered birthday cake stands out with its purr-ty Hello Kitty toppers.


To keep the energy levels up, they prepared a plethora of exciting games and shows for her guests. Erney Arcilla sure knows how to get the attention of all kids – big and small – with his fun games. Tectonix was a sure hit among the crowd, huge thanks to their hyper dancing balloon show. Madison Events also entertained everyone with their snappy song number. Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel’s appearances were, needless to say, the highlight of the event.


A chock full of exciting prizes await the winners and game participants. As thank-you tokens, Carla had prepared table lamps for her guests to take home with.


Vendors who made it happen:
Full planning and coordination: Party Doll Manila Events // Styling: The Party Project Manila // Photo: Paul Vincent Photography // Host: Erney Arcilla // Entertainment: Madison Events and Tectonix // Food carts: Potato Corner, Big Scoop and Tan Tea

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