Gavin’s Hip Hop Swag Party – 1st Birthday

90s Hip Hop Theme Party Ideas

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Picture stepping into Gavin’s rhythm-filled world of joy as we marked his first trip around the sun! We geared up to groove with the beat, feeling the hype in the air as Gavin’s parents threw a birthday bash like no other. With the dope vibes and stylish touches brought to life by the talented crew at Party Magic PH, the party turned into a straight-up Hip-Hop experience that Gavin and his crew will be talking about for a while. Make sure to grab your swaggiest outfit and join the fun as we browse through the beautifully captured photos by Cocoon Studio.

Guests were welcomed by the sight of a massive headphone arch at the entrance, immediately setting the scene for the Hip Hop mood inside. Adorned with black and white phrases in the background, it felt as though the music came alive, beckoning everyone to join the chillaxing party.


Get ready to bust a move because the main stage is where the real party is! With its slick black, white, and gold details perfectly coordinated, every detail adds an extra touch of swagger to the scene.


Everyone couldn’t help but be awed by the cake made by Cottontail Cake Studio — it was just too cute! With its charming 2D design, the white fondant adorned with precise black outlines looked like an artist’s sketch come to life. And at the very top, there was little Gavin, all smiles behind his DJ table, ready to spin some tunes and keep the place bumping.


The dessert spread was a sugary symphony of energy, featuring an array of treats that perfectly complemented the whole party. From hiphop-themed cake pops to cookies and cupcakes adorned with dancer toppers, each sweet delight seemed ready to break into a dance routine at any moment.


At Gavin’s party, every table centerpiece was like a mini shrine to Hip Hop greatness, complete with mix tapes, a retro radio, and a shining gold crown fit for a king.

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Don’t worry if sweets aren’t your thing—we’ve got food carts ready to satisfy both the little ones and the grown-ups (yes, we’ve got some adult dranks too, if you catch my drift). This party is all about making sure everyone has a good time, no matter their age or taste buds.

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Guests had a blast with arcade games, bouncing around in the inflatable playground, creating drip bear paintings, getting a quick salon pampering, and maybe even trying out a temporary tats—everything looks dope! and station_0142side hair and tattoo_0472side arcades_0458-2side activity_0524side activities_0388side activities_0392

Gavin’s crew left feeling extra fly with our hip hop-inspired giveaways – a cool cap, sleek sunglasses, stylish hip pack, or trendy shirt to amp up their swagger. It was the perfect way to take a piece of this swag party vibe home with them.


Check out these awesome snapshots featuring Gavin and his family, rocking matching Air Jordans and bringing serious coolness and stilo to the celebration.


Vendors who made it all happen:
Full planning and coordination: Party Doll Manila Events | Styling: Party Magic PH | Photo: Cocoon Studio | Video: Lemon Three Films | Cake and desserts: Cottontail Cake Studio | Caterer: Passion Cooks Catering | Food carts: Stephen’s Pizza, Starr’s Famous Milkshake, Burger Cubs Mini Burgers and Black Stem Coffee | Side activities: Royal Kids, Kaloy Braids and Crafts & Party Buckets

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