Samantha’s Sweet Bunny Themed Party – 7th Birthday

Pastel Bunny Theme Party


There is much to tell about Samantha Alexi, a charming young girl whose bright smile has brightened up the world around her. She recently celebrated seven beautiful years of her young life with a hop-hop-hopping bunny birthday that’s as delightfully sweet as she is.

Samantha’s birthday was made special by The Party Project Manila, who used the girliest color palette and extra cute bunny-themed decorations to perfectly express her sweet character. Check out all these lovely snaps of little Coeo by Bella Morcen.

We love the balloon garlands at the entrance, which have chic rainbow colors and resemble marshmallow clouds. A pair of sandy-brown rabbits sit among the balloons to welcome friends and family.

entrance_ (28 of 100)entrance

Under the pink and peach ceiling drapes, some artfully arranged paper ball lanterns and wisteria lent that dreamy, magical atmosphere.

ceiling_ (1 of 100)ceiling_ (15 of 100)

Surrounded by balloons and some enormous flowers in the daintiest hues, a beautiful sandy-brown bunny lies at the foot of a white garden bench. If you look closely, you’ll see Samantha’s adorable shabby-chic pink dress tucked comfortably on one side until it’s time for dessert.

main_ (2 of 100)main_ (5 of 100)main

A bouquet of white peonies sitting on a gold candelabra and a rabbit plushie leaning against a pastel rainbow made the perfect table embellishments.


Samantha has two wonderful cakes—one covered in smooth pink fondant and the other in pink buttercream frosting. Both cakes have the cutest bunny cake toppers with lovely flowers around them.

cake_ (18 of 100)cake

The children must have had a jolly time jumping around on this inflatable bounce house with a little ball pit. Hop, hop, and away!

activities_ (26 of 100)

After a spectacularly fun time at Samantha’s party, her friends went home with Roblox action figures, a fluffy pillow, and a bag full of treats. Indeed, birthdays are for children!

giveaways_ (24 of 100)giveaways

Wearing an elegant pink dress, our pretty birthday celebrant strikes a pose for that Instagram-worthy shot. With her doting mom, we can only see a picture of joy.

family_ (42 of 100)family_ (52 of 100)family_ (46 of 100)

Stylist: The Party Project Manila | Photo: Little Coeo by Bella Morcen | Video: Bella Morcen | Cake: Sweet Creations By Mums | Inflatbable: City JumpN’Slide PH

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