Zach and Zara’s Cheerful Lemon Themed Party – Joint Party

Lemon Theme Party Ideas


The end of summer days are within sight, but that doesn’t mean we can’t bask in the warmth and radiance of our featured party today. For a blowout that’s inspired by zesty lemons, Zack and Zara’s double birthday bash is as sweet as it could be.

The classic combo of green and yellow ensured that everything stays true to the theme. Patches of greenery and pops of subdued yellows set against white gave the venue a dainty touch. At the same time, low-key fortifying attributes ensured an atmosphere of being energized and vibrant. Events prodigy Bespoke Manila together with K by Cunanan Catering had elevated the humble lemon into something more sophisticated in this set-up. Lemons are an enduring symbol for cleansing and freshness. This is one of the reasons why lemons are the perfect element for birthdays; to rejuvenate and reinvigorate as one embarks on another chapter of life.

Can’t wait to “Squeeze the Day”? Scroll down for some fascinating stills on Zach and Zara’s lemon gaiety from Dapple Photo.

A simple yet tastefully repurposed mirror served as the welcome sign to the venue.


White swags swept overhead the venue, emanating a sense of purity and innocence. Reminiscent of a clean slate, or a blank canvas, it served as the perfect achromatic for the vivid verdants and lemon drops.


A picture of flourishing foliage, the main area encourages a sense of vitality and health. The set-up features the celebrants’ initial in greenery as a symbolic way to usher in growth and abundance for Zack and Zara.


Juxtaposed to the energetic vibe of the main area, the tablescape charms with a soothing sense of whimsy. The luscious mums, the verdure succulents, and the delicate baby’s breath inspire a cheerful and child-like release. Lemon elements are thoughtfully manifested in the menu cards and table numbers.


The children’s tables were almost identical to the adults’, save for some quirky details. Activity sheets were provided, with yellow sneakers housing the colored pens. Instead of chairs, kids can flop down on bean bags.


Whip wonder Sugarplum Pastries delighted everyone with a 2-tiered naked lemon and buttercream cake. Topped by an adorable lemon tree, it also features Zack and Zara as they entice everyone to a taste of this knockout treat.


A spread of gorgeous gateaux, charming cupcakes, delightful doughnuts and other tasty treats, these dainty desserts sure do a lot of tantalizing talk. These mini-masterpieces from Sugarplum Pastries will make it really difficult for you to decide which one to choose first.


Grazing tables are starting to become a staple at today’s parties. And why not? It’s a practical idea for serving a large number of guests; it serves as a visual and palatial feast, making it an easy conversation starter. Zack and Zara may have had this in mind, as they offered a glorious charcuterie board for their loved ones.


Used to celebrate the most beautiful moments in life, wine warms the body and the soul. Guests took home the spirit of conviviality, as Zack and Zara gave away wines as thank you tokens.


Here’s the lovely family reminding everyone that “The sweet just isn’t as sweet without the sour”.


Vendors who made it happen:
Planning and coordination: Bespoke Manila | Styling: K by Cunanan Catering | Photo: Dapple Photo | Catering, Ice Cream and Cotton Candy: Little K | Cake and desserts: Sugarplum Pastries | Invitations: Amis Print | Grazing Table: Karitela by K | Host: Marvin Tomandao of Jive | Lights, Sounds and Draping: Senstivity Lights and Sounds

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