Reese’s Princess Jasmine Themed Party – 7th Birthday

Disney Princess Jasmin Theme Party Ideas


A whole new world of adventure awaits at the end of this magic carpet ride… Does that sound familiar? If you imagine hearing Leah Salonga singing in the background, then you’ve come to the right party. It’s Reese’s milestone 7th and the style genies from Sweet Nest Events have been hard at work to grant Reese her wish – a spectacular, fantabulous and magical birthday like she imagined Princess Jasmine would have. Get ready to be amazed… the magic carpet is taking us to Reese’s “shining, shimmering, splendid” birthday.

Like the grand entrance to a sultan’s palace, Reese’s guests were ushered through a golden arch and a carpeted walkway brightly lit with chic silver lanterns. The carpet looks very much like the traditional Persian carpets woven on a loom by skilled artisans.


All eyes were immediately drawn to a dazzling ceiling adorned with golden paper ball lanterns, huge spheres, strings of gold discs, glittering tassel garlands and honeycomb paper balls in deep purple and green hues.


The “shining, shimmering, splendid” decorations continue through the façade of a Maharajah’s palace in sparkling blue and pink glitter paint and minarets with golden bulbous domes. On one side of the stage is a camel – the hardy desert animal, and all-important friend to Bedouin nomads, and on the other side is a figure of Princess Jasmine in her aqua colored bodice and “Shalvar” with her darling pet tiger, Rajah.


The tables were draped with crisp white cloth and a length of purple and blue silk cloth served as table runners. At the center of the table is a gilded framed photo of Reese looking gorgeous in her lovely Princess Jasmine attire with an assortment of lovely flower arrangements – light pink roses in a wide-rimmed goblet, tiny purple blossoms in a wooden box and dark pink and white blooms in a clear glass vase. True to the theme, a band of blue, purple and pink dodecahedron-shaped gems like those in Aladdin’s Cave of Wonders completed this thoughtfully designed centerpiece.


Reese blew the candles in this towering 4-tier cake, each layer covered in seamless white, light blue and the lightest pink fondant. The first layer is adorned with the jewel-toned Ocellus found in peacock tail feathers that are commonly used as ornaments by royalty. The second and third layers are embellished with ornate, geometric details like those found in palace walls and mosques. Adding height to this extravagant cake is the fourth layer of cake designed like a purple velvet cushion on which sits a genie’s magic lamp, the perfect topper for this Disney princess’s cake.


Reese and her guests enjoyed “unli-sweets” in a dessert spread to rival any other. There are bars of chocolate, “bejeweled” Rice Krispies on a stick, donuts, chocolate cupcakes, sugar cookies and cake pops all marvelously decorated with fondant jewels, genie lamps, the monogram “R” and hand-painted Princess Jasmine portraits. A meringue kiss tower and several jars of every kind of sweet treat like chocolate coins, marshmallows and gummy candies are there to satisfy every sweet tooth’s craving. For Reese’s young guests, this must have been the highlight of the party.


The fun doesn’t end there – guests took home with them some surprise treats and other fun giveaways from the birthday celebrant. Reese’s young friends must have already opened the bags to check out their loots on the way home from the party, and each one silently wishing to celebrate their own birthdays as wonderful as this.


Reese’s wish came true, celebrating her 7th birthday with her loved ones and dear friends in a delightful party where she channeled her inner Princess Jasmine… strong, independent, beautiful inside and out. Here’s to bright horizons, new and exciting experiences and many happy celebrations ahead!

Venders who made it all happen:
Event styling and coordination: Sweet Nest Events // Photo: Ruffa and Mike Photography // Cake: Cake by Thess // Desserts: Sugarplum Pastries

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