Sasha’s “Baby Mine” Dumbo Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Disney Dumbo Theme Party Ideas


“Baby mine, don’t you cry
Baby mine, dry your eyes
Rest your head close to my heart
Never to part
Baby of mine”

Who doesn’t love the movie Dumbo? I myself admit getting teary-eyed every time that song “Baby Mine” rings right in the movie. It makes one want to hug your loved ones right away and cover them with kisses. I bet Sasha’s mom felt the same way as she thought about this unique party theme. Good thing our friends from Pretty Little Party was able to bring this heart-fluttering vision to Sasha’s Dumbo, Baby Mine party for her 1st birthday celebration. Just check out the photos below from Giantimages Studio.

Step right up to this dreamy venue swathed in baby pink and frothy lilac. Soft ethereal colors filled the venue which instantly match the airy ambiance of the place.


Front and center is this wonderful ombre pink balloon-festooned setup which also served as the dessert table. Did you see our favorite baby elephant playing peek-a-boo on the side?

desserts spread.stage

A bunch of lavender florets and a cute plush baby Dumbo embellished each guest table. While these silver-tinged placeholders have a lone pink rose that made for a lovely accent.

table (5)table (3)

Even the kids’ tables up front are bathed in pink and white. It was also a good idea to use clear Tiffany chairs to highlight the pastel colors of the place.

kiddie table (5)

The cake itself is one of a kind, just like our little Sasha. Instead of a full-tiered cake, they have a series of mini cakes lined up in a row to create the illusion of a parade of baby elephants.

cake (1)

Clear crystal pieces make the cakes and the dessert spread stand out even more. To add color, peach-colored roses dotted the table here and there. Lots of sugar cookies bearing the celebrant’s name, and lollicakes in the shape of Dumbo’s tiny hat completed this gorgeous pastel spread.

sweets (12)sweets (14)sweets (7)

Kids and adults alike were entertained with a magic show straight out of Dumbo’s circus. Of course, fun games and tons of prizes are a must at any kiddie party.

show (1)show (13)games (2)

There’s even a cookie and ice cream cart where guests can customized their own ice cream cup to suit their tastes. From chocolate chips, candy sprinkles, fluffy marshmallows and wafer sticks, more munchies like these chunky cookies and crunchy biscuits added extra fun!

cookie and ice cream cart (6)cookie and ice cream cart (2)cookie and ice cream cart (1)

This cupcakes and cookies decorating station looks awesome, too. I’m sure Sasha’s friends get to unleash their creativity by designing their own Dumbo-shaped cookies.

activity (7)activity (2)

Such cuteness! Guests were treated to more awesome stuff as the kids get their own Dumbo-trimmed lootbags filled with yummies.

giveawaysgiveaways (1)
giveaways (4)

Just one look at this family of three, you can tell how happy they are with the outcome of this wonderful party. Even little Sasha can’t help but give a big smile as her mom and dad made her feel special and loved. So pretty, Baby of mine, Sasha!

family (6)family (3)

Suppliers who made it all happen:
Event Stylist: Aileen Abadilla of Pretty Little Party | Photography: Giantimages Studio | Cake & Desserts: Winnie Maranga | Lights: 3 N Events | Crystal Chairs: Tiffany Crystal Davao | Kiddie Tables & Chairs: Chairs Et Cie | Dessert Table Floral Arrangements: Eufloria PH

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