Sienna Dream’s Chic Peruvian Themed Party – 2nd Birthday

Peruvian Inspired Party Ideas


The moon and the stars, gods to the mighty Incas of Peru, shone ever so brightly and contrived to gift a perfectly beautiful child with a brilliantly wonderful day. And what would her doting parents do to celebrate this dream child? They go and get her only the best of the best… like artistic genius, Gideon Hermosa from whose fingertips create magic upon magic. Together with Party Station and La Belle Fete Weddings & Events, they created a Peruvian-inspired birthday fiesta for Sienna! These precious memories were captured in the brilliant photos by no less than top-tier Nice Print Photography. Come and join me in the traditional Andean “Huaconada” and dance our way to Sienna’s spectacular birthday.

The ceiling is awash with vibrant colors! The combination of pompom tassels and tassel garlands that crisscross the length of the ceiling is a feast to satisfy the eyes.


The stage is covered with carpets that imitate the popular Peruvian alpaca rugs. All around is a herd of white llamas wearing colorful woven blankets on their backs instead of saddles. Lovely bouquets of roses, aster and hydrangeas are at their feet. Several cushions that look exactly like the “mates burilados”, traditional Peruvian ornamental gourds, are strewn about on the carpeted stage.


Three long rows of tables are dressed in crisp white cloth and are fabulously decked with the loveliest blooms. Along with the flowers are pink and blue lamps and hedgehog cactus in crystal goblets. The guests enjoyed sumptuous dishes on elegant gilded china with fancy golden cutlery and drink from golden yellow goblets.


Naked Patisserie made an exceptional llama cake! For its fleece, the remarkable pastry chef used round white fondant in varying sizes. The llama cake wears a blue fondant ribbon around its neck and a patterned fondant blanket on its back. It must have tasted as good as it looked.


Like everything else about this party, the dessert spread was superbly designed and generously filled with lip-smacking sweet goodies. There were sugar cookies with pretty flowers and adorable llama designs made of gum paste; cupcakes with fondant cactus toppers; rice crispy pops and jars of strawberry pretzels, marshmallows and candies.


From the gastronomic feast to the sweets spread, guests also enjoyed the best of artisanal ice cream by Fog City Creamery and the yummiest treats by One Sweet Day.


When they’re not busy filling their tummies with all the yummy food, Sienna’s friends are busy creating. The girls channeled their inner artist and designed a dress with their personal flair while the boys practice their science with some slime making. The young ones also thoroughly enjoy themselves in a play area specially set up for them. What fun!


A team from Madison Events kept the guests captive with the show. Here we see them performing the graceful La Marinera, the most popular of Peru’s traditional dances.


Huge smiles, infectious laughter, loud cheers, happy children… It begins with side activities, to the spectacular show and continues with the fun and exciting games.


Amazing giveaways from Sienna’s party will help guests remember this most wonderful of birthdays. There are stunning hair ties with pompoms and fun maracas for Sienna’s friends. The children also get these awesome llama seats.


Guests also took home some sweet-smelling perfume and beautifully crafted, hand embroidered bags, pouches and purses.


Like a close-knit village, friends and family came to share the happiness of Sienna’s 2nd birthday bash. From uncles, aunts and cousins to business associates and showbiz friends, everyone turned up to show Sienna their love.


Sienna Dream… the answered prayer and the gem in the Tinio family has grown a year older, during which time she has filled her family with so much joy. Happy 2nd birthday, Sienna!


Vendors who made it all happen:
Styling: Gideon Hermosa and Party Station | Photo and video: Niceprint Photography | Tablewares: Casa Luxia | Coordination: Labelle Fête | Lights and sounds: Lst Lights and Sounds | Entertainment: Madison Events | Venue: Manila House Private Membership Club | Outfit: Francis Libiran and Joe San Antonio | Cake and cupcakes: Naked Patisserie | Meringue tower: Desserts by Joshua | Food carts:Fog City Creamery and One Sweet Day | Giveaways: Arteegram (Llama seats), Little Miss Caley (Hair bow station), Bottled up, Florescents Bar (Perfume station) , Crayolove, Hearts and should (Lootbags and fans), Knotville (Maracas), K design (Slime making station) and Macy Doll House (Make your own dress) | Kiddie salon: Ashnastar kiddie salon | Playarea: Kael adventure | Clone booth: Dj Coki | Invites: Print divas

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