Reese’s Princess Jasmine Themed Party – 7th Birthday

Disney Princess Jasmin Theme Party Ideas A whole new world of adventure awaits at the end of this magic carpet ride… Does that sound familiar? If you imagine hearing Leah Salonga singing in the background, then you’ve come to the right party. It’s Reese’s milestone 7th and the style genies from Sweet Nest Events have […]

Andie’s Beauty and The Beast Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Belle’s fondness of books spark her love for adventures. She wants to experience the adventures she has read on these storybooks. Her sweet, loving and kind demeanor is what inspired Sweet Nest Events to come up with a celebration for a princess as lovely as Belle, Andie. They did an awesome job in making this […]

Alessa’s Sleeping Beauty Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Come to think of it, our lovely Disney Princesses will always be one of the front-runners when it comes to kiddie party themes. Complete with the grandiose of royal balls, fairy godmothers and “Happily Ever After”-vibes, there is something so magical about the entire thing! Little girls everywhere just can’t get enough of them. Another […]

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