Andie’s Beauty and The Beast Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Belle’s fondness of books spark her love for adventures. She wants to experience the adventures she has read on these storybooks. Her sweet, loving and kind demeanor is what inspired Sweet Nest Events to come up with a celebration for a princess as lovely as Belle, Andie. They did an awesome job in making this classic Disney story come to life. Let’s take a peek at the snaps taken by Paul Vincent at the grand ball for Andie.

The entrance gives me a ‘gatehouse feel’ of a medieval castle. It gave just the right amount of royalty and warmth. Perfect for welcoming our little princess’ friends and family upon arrival.

entrance (2)

This fine sign on the side of the arch reminds everyone who comes in about the occasion they are about to celebrate. The little angels wore these dainty name tags throughout the party.

entrance (3)entrance (1)

Just. Wow. This sight reminds me of Chateau de Chambord in France. I can imagine Belle and The Beast dancing under these exquisite chandeliers. It’s fascinating.

stage (1)stage

Our darling Andie looks as beautiful as Belle on that yellow dress. Oh, hi there Mrs. Potts and Lumiere!

stage (4)

These crystal chairs are such beauties. It displays class and femininity like that of a real empress. Matched with the enchanted red rose centerpieces and little Andie’s portrait, their table setting looks simply fab.

table (2)table (3)table (1)table

Inspired by Belle and the Beast’s famous clothing colors, this cake is in full bloom. It is exquisite up to the tiniest details.


How tempting are these sweets? Oh Beast, please make sure that these sweets won’t be eaten by the wolves before we can munch on them!

sweetssweets (1)sweets (2)sweets (5)sweets (6)sweets (7)sweets (8)sweets (10)sweets (11)sweets (13)

The photo-op booth says it all. That rose is just as appealing as every guest who sits in the royal chair. Belle’s favorite books complete the background.


Nobody went home without lining up for Andie’s souvenirs and thank you bags. The dolls are as precious as the fairy tale we all love!

souvenirs (2)souvenirs (4)souvenirs (5)souvenirs (1)giveaways

Our favorite characters are all smiles with the most enchanting sweetheart. Everybody is definitely happy!

family (1)

Vendors who made it all happen:
Stylist: Sweet Nest Events // Photo: Paul Vincent Photography // Entertainer and Host: Clowning Around // Cake: Sweet Creations by Mums // Souvenirs: Ant’s Pocket

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