Franco’s Basketball Themed Party – 1st Birthday

In a country where basketball is king, there is no need to go to a court just to play the game. Sometimes even a makeshift half courts with D.I.Y. rings will do the trick. Kids grow up cheering for their favorite basketball teams, may it be the NBA or PBA. No doubt Concepto Hadassah was able to pull off Franco’s first birthday party with flying colors. His family’s love for the game was shown in this cheerful celebration. Let’s check out Lloyd Nayona Photography’s snaps on each of these slamdunk moments.

I have a full court vision of the playoff from here. Look at how those fans rooted for the home team, Chicago Bulls, while the commentators and referee provided their remarks. The stage is truly a fast break success!

stagestage (3)

The tables were made extra fun by the trophy centerpiece with different teams on it. For this table, the crowd favorite LA Lakers stands proud gracing the guests.

table (1)

Occupied by the teams’ tables is the front court. There is no looking at the game clock this time because the jump shot is just about to begin.

kids (2)

The collaboration of Xanii Sweets by Shanny Rose Tiamson and Funtasee Cakes is a winning three point shot. The champion team Chicago Bull leads the dessert table as it is the motif of the cake.


The cupcakes, cookies and cake pops starred no one else but our MVP, Franco. To quench the squad’s thirst are these cute little bottled iced teas. I’m sure Franco’s friends are ready for a full court press!

sweets (3)sweets (6)sweets (4)sweets (2)sweets (1)

No kid missed a scoring opportunity while participating in Mr. John Mark Asuela of Tagum Clowns & Magicians’ tricks. Assisting him is no one else but King James. Timeouts are not necessary when the floor is on fire!

show (3)games (1)

Anyone can run to any of these carts to replenish their lost energy. Sugar rush indeed!


Our little swing man’s cuteness overload. I’m sure the family can’t wait to see those little hands do the dribbling.


These thank you bags are like free throws. Only they don’t require any “FOUL”. Each guest gets a loot especially organized by Favor Bags by Honey.

Photo 30-12-2015, 1 19 52 AMkids (1)Photo 30-12-2015, 1 20 13 AM

Of course, Franco’s number 1 fan and cheerleader, Mom.

family (1)family (4)

Vendors who made it all happen:
Event organizer and stylist: Concepto Hadassah // Photos: Lloyd Nayona Photography // Party Hats & Loot Bags: Favor Bags by Honey // Venue & Catering: Heroben Hometel // Cake & Cupcakes: Xanii Sweets by Shanny Rose Tiamson // Cake Pops & Cookies: Funtasee Cakes // Host & Magician: John Mark Asuela of Tagum Clowns & Magicians


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