Lucas’ Little Magician Themed Party – 7th Birthday

Magician Theme Party Ideas


Are you a fan of the strange and otherworldly? If so, then you have come to the right place! Celebrate the life of our dear little magician, Lucas who turns seven! Styled by Deiz and Party Doll Manila Events totally brought the magic to this party with their awesome styling and coordination. Check out these wonderful snaps by Cradles!

“Step right up folks, the show is just about to begin!”, exclaimed Lucas who was standing in front of the entrance- a large gateway decorated with playing cards and stars.


With hanging cards and magician hats, the ceiling took right off with the party’s theme.


The stage was an amazing display of Lucas’ 3d standee, wild tigers, human-sized cards and a star studded sign of Lucas’ name all behind a checkerboard backdrop. The whole scenario looked adorbs!


Each table was covered in black and white-striped table runner and had a rose and magician’s hat centerpiece to match.


Check out this four layered cake of epic proportions! Baked and carefully detailed to perfection, I’d pull through any magician’s hat if I could get a treat as awesome as this!


Tired from all the levitation and card tricks? Stop by Lucas’ sweets corner and refill those magical juices! Choose from a supernaturally sweet array of sugar cookies, cake pops, rice crispy bars and cupcakes!


Of course, some fun games, amazing prizes and wow-worthy song numbers entertained Lucas’ friends and family.

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It’s magic time! Everyone hurried to their seats and watched in anticipation as Ricco the magician performed several tricks, like levitating a woman out in thin air, conjuring a large snake and wowing the crowds with all sorts of other wizardry!


Check out Alab Poi LED dancers showing some of their cool moves.

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Hit the can, shoot the ball and toss the ring with friends and family and get a chance to win spectacular prizes!


Cherish this party forever and take home these awesome on-site personalized giveaways!


Don’t forget to stop by the photowall. Take a selfie or two with the birthday boy himself!


Lucas will surely get through anything with the love he gets from family, the strongest magic in the world!


Suppliers who made it all happen:
Full planning and coordination: Party Doll Manila Events | Styling: Styled by Deiz | Photo: Cradles by Anne Naig | Cake and sweet treats: Sweet Creations by Mums | Host: Apollo Abraham | Entertainment: Alab Poi Led Dancers and Ricco the Magician | Foodcarts: Sip Drinks, Flow Ice Cream and Potato Corner | Venue: The Palms Country Club

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