Miel’s Chic Parisian Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Parisian Theme Party Ideas

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Step into an exquisite realm of timeless sophistication – a birthday fête adorned with Parisian Chic. Miel’s first birthday unveils the allure of a themed celebration that beautifully merges French elegance with celebratory grandeur. From the captivating details that define this opulent affair to redefined birthday festivities with Parisian flair and style, Confetti Parties got the details right.

Let’s say Bonjour to All About Us and check out the photos they captured from the event.


Beautifully displayed at the registration area, this table photo spread serves as a nostalgic corner adorned with framed family travel photos from Paris. Doesn’t it add a lovely touch to the celebration?


As guests enter, they’ll undoubtedly be charmed by the enchanting photo nook arrangement. The combination of letter standees, a large twinkling Eiffel Tower, and the added touch of floral blooms and balloon garland makes it even more beautiful.

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Imagine the stage as a charming Parisian café filled with cute details reflecting flair in every corner. And to top it off, a Parisian lady and her poodle capture the spotlight, adding an adorable touch to this lovely curated stage!

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Check out the tables designed with a touch of elegance. Picture white tablecloths with pops of pink from the napkins, each topped with a centerpiece featuring a pink hatbox, a vase bursting with gorgeous pastel blooms, and a brass Eiffel Tower figure.


Envision an adorable cake exuding Parisian charm — a single-tiered marvel boasting chic white icing complemented by accents of soft pink. At its peak rests a cute Parisian Lady; we’re guessing it’s Miel enjoying the view of Paris. This cake from Cupcake Lab encapsulates the essence of a Parisian soirée in a delicious, visually delightful way.


To add more sweetness to the celebration, Miel brought in adorable cupcakes adorned with delightful Parisian-themed decorations.


Miel’s party has all the essentials covered. How about digging into some delicious treats while enjoying the show and games? It was a hit with everyone.

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Head over to the activity area for more fun. Explore the mini farmer’s market and grab a free caricature from our talented artist. It’s all about enjoying Miel’s birthday in style!


Get ready for the giveaways! We’ve got personalized canvas tote bags and loot boxes wrapped in dazzling gold ribbons. Grab yours and add a touch of glam to your goodies.


Here are some of our favorite snapshots featuring our little celebrant, Miel, along with her beautiful family.


Vendors who made it all happen:
Event coordination: Party Doll Manila Events | Stylist: Confetti Parties | Photo: All About Us | Cake and cupcakes: Cupcake Lab PH | Foodcarts: The Lavish Table, The Croissanterie, Pouf Ice Cream | Entertainment: Unlimited Bubble Show | Activities: The Nest Playpad, Caricature and Focal Point Photobooth | Caterer: Passion Cooks Catering | Giveaways: Cheerful Creatives PH | Venue: Sonria

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