Naz’s Fun Transportation Themed Party – 3rd Birthday Party

Transportation Theme Party Ideas


Welcome aboard! If your little one dreams of zooming through the streets in a firetruck, roaming the city in a bus, soaring through the clouds in an airplane, or embarking on a thrilling adventure aboard a train, then you’ve arrived at the right station. Naz’s birthday fete had everything transportation-related. With the collaboration of Party Doll Manila and The Party Project Manila, adventurous Naz had the birthday of his dreams! Get ready to explore with us through the lovely snaps captured by Cocoon Studio’s lenses.

As you approach, the entrance unfolds like a gateway to a bustling cityscape. A grand arch welcomes guests, while majestic trees and towering traffic lights proudly line the way. The steady stream of passing vehicles adds to the vibrant atmosphere, setting the stage for an adventure-filled experience just beyond the threshold.


In perfect harmony with its theme, the ceiling becomes a whimsical sky filled with various airborne modes of transportation. Airplanes, helicopters, and even hot air balloons grace the overhead space, infusing the atmosphere with a vibrant burst of color.


It’s the charming metropolis of Naz City – a place where dreams and imagination take flight! Inspired by Naz’s passion for transportation and thrilling adventures, the backdrop showcases rolling hills and clear blue skies, while the stage itself transforms into the bustling heart of the city. And don’t forget to look down, as the floor cleverly becomes a train railway, weaving its way through this adorable miniature world.


The round tables exude elegance with royal blue tablecloths and beautiful centerpieces. Wooden platforms adorned with toy cars create a captivating display, complemented by a vase of fresh calla lilies that adds grace and fragrance to the venue.


A transportation-themed birthday party tablescape wouldn’t be complete without matching paper goods. To ensure every detail was on point, they went the extra mile and included specially-themed transportation paper plates, cups, and napkins at the kiddie table.


Let’s give the cake its moment to shine, because boy, does it deserve it! Picture this: a bustling city transformed into a multi-layered sugary masterpiece that’ll make your taste buds jump with joy. From adorable traffic signs to miniature vehicles and even a tiny Naz topper driving his own little car, this cake is a work of art. Sweet Creations by Mums truly outdid themselves with this sweet adventure.


Prepare yourself for an incredible dessert spread that is not only visually appealing but also tantalizing to your taste buds. The exciting setup will trigger your appetite, and the treats themselves are exceptionally delicious!


All aboard the fun express! Choo-choo! Naz City has a whole bunch of exciting things waiting for guests to explore. Feeling a bit peckish? Head on over to the food carts. If laughter is on your agenda, catch one of the entertaining games that’ll have you giggling non-stop.


For those adrenaline junkies, get ready to bounce up and down on the massive inflatable slide. Or maybe feeling lucky? Give the claw machine a go and see if you can snag a fantastic prize.


To top off the adventure, everyone celebrating with Naz received personalized lunch bags by Cheerful Creatives PH. Talk about a thoughtful touch! It’s always a great idea to give your guests something personal, something they’ll treasure.


Here’s another adventure that’s all about hugs and kisses from the family! Let me tell you, these lovely photos of Naz and his loved ones say it all.


Vendors who made it all happen:
Event coordination: Party Doll Manila Events | Stylist: The Party Project Manila | Photo: Cocoon Studios | Video: Bella Morcen Films | Cake: Sweet Creations by Mums | Desserts: The Baking Project and Zakia’s Baked Goods | Entertainment: Erney Arcilla | Catering: Verleo Catering | Foodcarts: Sorbelato, Potato Corner, Pizza Pedericos and Sushi Unlimited | Side activities: Inflatables by Julianna and Inflatables by Safelift | Giveaways: Cheerful Creatives PH

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