Gianna’s Badanamu Garden Fun Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Badanamu Theme Party Ideas


For today’s inspo, it’s not surprising that li’l Gianna had the cutest characters from Badanamu gracing her birthday party. Together with Bada, Jess, Curly, and Pogo, it was a day full of boppin’ and poppin’. The fantastic team at The Party Project Manila mixed the characters with lots of pastel colors and flowers—and it was oh so dainty and delightful! We had fun organizing the party, and if you ain’t convinced, let the snaps from Harry Lim Photography do the talking!

Ready to explore Bada and friends’ world? See Jess and Curly welcoming guests to the party as they wait at the entrance!


Adding a playful vibe to the venue was the ceiling decorations—colorful vines, pastel balloons, and Japanese lanterns filled the overhead! We absolutely loved the pink and mint butterflies fluttering about!


The stage didn’t just focus on Bada, Jess, Curly, and Pogo—vibrant flora and verdant foliage in the foreground made us feel like we’re out there discovering wonders! But that’s not all. At the back, tons of mint and lemonade pink balloons gave a whimsical feel to the space.


Of course, Badanamu characters graced every table that had us boppin’! A box of lovely flowers completed the centerpiece ensemble.


Kids get to have their own space, too! Kid-sized wooden tables and chairs were placed at the front so they can enjoy the show more. And instead of décor, there were activity sheets to keep them entertained.


Taking on the pastel palette. Gianna’s cake by Sweet Creations by Mums looked absolutely adorable! The two-tiered confection was such a lovely sight filled with Badanamu characters, butterflies, and flowers. The pops of color were oh so wonderful!


There’s also a wonderful dessert buffet from Sweet Creations by Mums. Scrumptious cupcakes and cookies were sweet endings to a hearty meal!


Got a hankering for classic street treats like taho and dirty ice cream? Sorbelato and Soyblessed set up shop so everyone can enjoy a cone or cup.


A birthday party isn’t really a party without the games! Kids and kids at heart joined in on the fun to win some really cool prizes!


There’s also a play area with inflatables and cushions where kids can run around and be active without parents worrying over scrapes and scratches!

play area_1187

As tokens of gratitude, Gianna’s guests get to take home personalized Badanamu-themed water bottles. Perfect for beating the outdoor heat!


It looked like li’l Gianna had a boppin’ good time with her family and Badanamu’s Bada, Jess, Curly, and Pogo. She’s such a ray of sunshine in her frilly yellow dress that matches with her mommy!


Vendors who made it all happen:
Full planning and coordination: Party Doll Manila Events | Stylist: The Party Project Manila | Cake and desserts: Sweet Creations by Mums | Photo: Harry Lim Photography | Host: Sang Pascual | Inflatables: Inflatables by Julianna | Foodcarts: Sorbelato | On-site Giveaways: Cheerful Creatives PH | Venue: The Atrium at Enderun

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