Collin’s “Pista sa Nayon” Christening and Birthday Celebration

Pinoy Fiesta Theme Party Ideas


The “pista” or fiesta is one of many traditions deeply ingrained in the Filipino culture. It is a grand and colorful celebration in thanksgiving of a bountiful harvest, or an answered prayer, thanks to the intercession of the town’s or the village’s patron saint. Those of you who’ve experienced the fiesta know the pervading sense of excitement and euphoria in the air. Imagine that and multiply it by a hundred to get a feel of the lively and lavish “pista sa nayon” party celebrating Collin Javier’s 1st birthday and christening.

Doing a “bayanihan” of sorts, Party Doll Manila Events and The Party Project Manila pulled out all the stops and created a sumptuous birthday fiesta that Collin enjoyed with his family and their friends. Next by Metrophoto captured all of the fun, happy moments in these snapshots.

The day began with a solemn yet joyful rite of baptism which is the best of the many gifts that Collin received on his birthday.


Welcoming the guests was a scene reminiscent of Lucban, Quezon’s “pahiyas” festival. Eye-catching chandeliers of “kiping” or thin, leaf-shaped wafers made from glutinous rice were hanging on a wall of sawali, the indigenous materials used for the bahay kubo. Capiz windows that can now only be seen in heritage homes also added to that sense of nostalgia. A combination of buri hats, “abaniko” and “bilao” were used to make an arch at the entrance to the party venue. What a great welcome!


Inside, guests were greeted with an impressive display of colors – yards upon yards of fabric, paper lantern balls and buntings, all in vibrant hues. “Kiping” chandeliers interspersed with bamboo and rattan pendant lights gave the ceiling décor a flair of rustic chic.


What is a fiesta without the delectable lechon slowly roasting on a bamboo spit? Collin’s grand celebration certainly didn’t disappoint in this aspect. In front of a traditional bahay kubo adorned with buri hats, abaniko, and bilao, a non-edible version of lechon took the spotlight at the center of Collin’s magnificent stage. Symbolizing the abundant harvest, baskets filled with toy fruits and vegetables added to the festive display. Moreover, a large standee featuring an adorable photo of Collin seemed to beckon everyone to join in the festivities and have a fantastic time.


To match the colors of harvest, the tables were covered with silky sage green cloth and a lace-edged burlap runner. An uber cute Collin standee was at the center of every table, and each was paired with items symbolic of Philippine culture like the kalesa, sorbetes cart or the colorful jeepney.


Blowing the candle on his birthday cake was the highlight of Collin’s party. The towering three-tier cake was adorned with colorful arches that had a pattern resembling the hand-woven, bamboo strip abanico. A fondant Collin wearing a barong Tagalog seemed to sing the birthday song with everyone. A bahay kubo and lechon, also made of fondant, topped this awesome “pista sa nayon” cake. Here’s an interesting tidbit: Collin’s mom took the loving effort to create his incredible cake!


Collin and his friends savored the delicious flavored french fries from Potato Corner, along with the delightful artisanal ice cream and flavored taho from Sorbelato. They also had stations serving putobungbong and bibingka, mixed balls, and samalamig to stay consistent with the theme.


Entertainment is a crucial part of any fiesta, and at Collin’s party, it began with a lively marching band. The show was then taken over by the talented host and magician, Alex Lagula, who kept the audience engaged with captivating magic tricks. The children were enthralled as they listened to the skilled story-tellers from Madison Events.

marching band_1171magic show_1328story telling show_1408

Games by the host as well as a line of nipa hut game booths sustained the children’s enthusiasm all through the party. There was never a dull moment. Even the adults had their share of the fun.

side activities_0926side activities_1086games_1287games_1319

It was toys galore for Collin and his young friends. The booths stacked with prizes were virtually a mini-toy store. And that’s not all! On top of these, the children brought home other goodies like personalized pillows and lunch bags from Cheerful Creatives PH. Best Party Ever!

side activities_0925giveaways_1233giveaways_1280

The fiesta is a celebration of abundant blessings, not only of food that will sustain the body and provide good health, but also of gifts that are intangible like family love and the joy and content hearts that come with it. Today’s fiesta celebrated Collin’s young life but more than that, it was a celebration and thanksgiving for family love. Happy 1st birthday, Collin!


Vendors who made it all happen:
Full planning and coordination: Party Doll Manila Events | Stylist: The Party Project Manila | Photo and Video: Next by Metrophoto | Cake: Cera’s Bakery | Catering: Juan Carlo The Caterer | Entertainment: Alex Lagula and Madison Events | Giveaways: Cheerful Creatives PH

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