Sienna’s Adorable Gabbie’s Dollhouse Themed Party – 3rd Birthday

Gabby’s Dollhouse Theme Party Ideas


Want to step into a world full of magical surprises and playful adventures? Sienna’s birthday soiree has it all. Just like Gabby’s Dollhouse, Sienna’s party was filled with mini-worlds, irresistible kitty characters, and super fun adventures! Thanks to Party Doll Manila and Style it Dainty for creating this cute version of Gabby’s Dollhouse for this special milestone.

Knock on the door! Let’s browse through the lovely photos captured by Pio Pascual.

Of course, the entrance archway had to be graced by Gabby and her Pandy Paws! But since this was Sienna’s party, the venue was named Sienna’s Dollhouse. Unforgettable and fun adventures awaited the guests as they stepped inside.


The ceiling, decorated with colorful balloons, flawlessly complemented the dainty theme. Here’s a fun tidbit: Gabby’s Aunt poured her love and attention into creating this delightful installation. How amazing!


The stage setup for Sienna’s birthday was definitely a dream come true. A sparkly background tied everything together, from the dollhouse to the cars, tree cutouts, and carnation flowers.


In line with its theme, the tables were embellished with white table covers and each had a dainty arrangement of flowers and balloons. When it comes to creating the perfect tables, nothing surpasses the charm of simple yet chic decorative elements.


A beautiful rosette cake was made for the occasion. It was the perfect size, and the colors were exquisite – yellowish on top and pinkish on the bottom.


Gabby’s Dollhouse had mini-worlds, and we had them here too! Exciting mini-games at the game booths, art activities ranging from paper mosaic to pot painting, a play area with inflatable slides, and a ball pit – everyone was welcome to enjoy whichever mini-world they liked.

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Sienna gave her guests a pastel-colored basket of goodies to remember her third birthday’s super fun day.


Vendors who made it all happen:
Full planning and coordination: Party Doll Manila Events | Entrance, main setup styling, and game booths: Style it Dainty | Ceiling and table centerpieces: c/o client | Photo: Pio Pascual | Activities: Playpool House, The Nest, and Color, Play, Happy | Catering: Pancake House | Foodcarts: Sorbelato, Potato Corner, Jimini Pizza, and Candid Coffee

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