Hans’ Darling Runaway Bunny-Inspired Party – 1st Birthday

The Runaway Bunny Theme Party Ideas


Other than fairy tales, storybook-inspired party themes are quite rare. But sometimes, a few poignant stories are wonderful enough to be a celebration’s main theme, and one of this is Margaret Wise Brown’s The Runaway Bunny. It’s a story of one mommy rabbit who chased her li’l bunny to show how much she loves him. Think of it as a mom’s love letter to her young one. It’s no surprise that Hans’ first birthday took this as inspiration, and the team at Style It Dainty did a great job in putting it to life. Hop in and check out these lovely snaps by Tina Magallon Photography.

The entrance was reminiscent of a scene from the book — an illustration of how the mother rabbit became a mountain climber to reach her baby bunny. Verdant foliage and balloons in mint, aqua, white, and gold completed this whimsical ensemble.


Inside, it was a lovely palette of blue, green, and white, evoking nature. For some reason, the venue décor had a calming effect which we just love — flowy swags, draping vines, and colorful Japanese lanterns filled overhead.


If we were to pick a fave spot, we’d definitely go for the stage. It had a touch of whimsy but delightfully curated. The adorable bunny illustrations looked lively amidst turquoise and Tiffany blue-colored elements. And the so-called icing on the cake? The humongous open book to tell the story.


As a centerpiece, every table had a page from the classic book, perhaps to tell how great a mother’s love is. Find the curious li’l bunny that appeared to be hopping, or should we say running, away from his momma!


We at Party Doll Manila believe that cakes are one of the highlights of every birthday celebration, so we always look forward to them. Since Hans’ 1st birthday cake was from the kitchen of Sweet Creations by Mums, it was undoubtedly a fantastic creation. The two-tiered confection depicted a few scenes of the endearing hide-and-seek between the mommy bunny and her baby.


The dessert buffet table is also such a wonderful sight to see! Charming characters and different lines from the story graced the setup and made the sweet treats all the more enticing. Macarons, cookies, rice krispies, cake pops, and cupcakes looked too pretty to eat and definitely Insta-worthy!


And if sweets aren’t tempting enough, guests can choose from an array of tasty food carts. Streetfood goodies like scramble and mixed balls (tusok-tusok, anyone?) were a sure hit among young and old alike. There’s also classic merienda fave like fries, ice cream and flavored lemonade.


As tokens of gratitude, guests got to bring home bunny-printed canvas totes, complete with a fluffy tail! So cute! There’s also a personalization nook where kids can have their customized button pens in a jiffy as souvenirs.


It looked like runaway bunny Hans and his family had a blast celebrating his first birthday. And for us, it was a pleasure coordinating a party with such a heartwarming theme – a mother’s patient love to her mischievous little darling.


Suppliers who made it happen:
Coordination: Party Doll Manila Events | Styling: Style It Dainty | Cake and desserts: Sweet Creations by Mums | Photo and video: Tina Magallon Photography | Entertainment: Teacher Celine, Alab Poi LED Dancers and Tectonix | Catering: Queensland Catering

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