Iliana’s Dreamy Princess Themed Party – 7th Birthday

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“Like stardust glistening on fairies’ wings, little girls are of magical things…” And if one such child should close her eyes and wish upon a star, with all her heart and all her might, “Oh, to be a princess!”, then it shall be so.

It only takes a wave of Party Doll Manila’s magic wand, a sprinkle of Style It Dainty pixie dust and a healthy dose of imagination and creative genius to grant a perfectly wonderful princess-themed birthday to a perfectly adorable young girl named Iliana. And we get to experience this dreamy birthday with her, thanks to NicePrint Photography who captured all the fun, the wonder and love in this memorable 7th birthday.

Iliana’s fairytale birthday begins with an archway decked with balloons in the daintiest pastel hues. It’s a lovely welcome that hints of the wonderful time that everyone is about to have.


Clusters of white balloons hanging on the ceiling make the perfect clouds, and together with glittering golden stars, they evoked a feeling of being afloat. Paper lantern balls in soft pastel hues create visions of fruity-sweet cotton candy. What a dreamy, magical birthday indeed!


Iliana’s stage is like a page from a storybook with a pretty pink castle and a dainty pink sky dotted with a multitude of stars. An enchanted coach awaits, ready to take our young princess off on a ride to a pastel-colored sky and a darling rainbow of the same pastel hues.


Iliana’s guests dined on tables dressed with flowing pink table cloth and adornments that mirrored the stage – fluffy clouds, charming pastel-colored rainbow and a pretty pink castle. A photograph of loveable Iliana with the most endearing smile on her face completes this impeccably decorated table.


What are little girls’ dreams made of?… It’s “sugar and spice, and everything nice” just like Iliana’s delightful two-layer cake. The first layer is covered in lemonade pink fondant adorned with cute little clouds and a sugary sweet pastel rainbow. The second layer is covered in striped fondant – blush pink, coral, lemon yellow, lavender, mint green and sky blue. A charming princess wearing a gorgeous ball gown waits for Iliana to blow the candle as everyone sings the birthday song. A pink castle makes the perfect cake topper for this wonderful cake.


What is a birthday without yummy sweet treats? In Iliana’s birthday, there is something for everyone, both young ones and the young once. There were chewy Tootsie Roll candies, gummy worms, assorted chocolate candies like Sneakers, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Butterfinger. The spread is also filled chocolate cupcakes topped with butter cream frosting and embellished with cute sugary stars, clouds and rainbows. There must have been a long queue for this sweet sweets spread.


Care for some snacks? Dainty food carts were lined up for guests to enjoy.


Iliana’s young guests will certainly remember this dreamy birthday when they snuggle against these cute cuddly pillows or use these adorable tote bags. What fun giveaways!


The best remembrance from Iliana’s party would be the Instagram-worthy pictures taken in this photowall that’s just simply divine with its radiant pink sky, fluffy clouds and the dreamy pastel-hued rainbow.


What is it about little girls and princesses? Just take a look at Iliana, comfortable and complete in her stunning princess attire and tiara. Everything about this young princess speaks of a happy heart, a quiet self-assurance and a purpose. The sparkle in her eyes seems to say “I am the heroine of my story that has only just begun…”


Vendors who made it all happen:
Full planning and coordination: Party Doll Manila Events | Stylist: Style It Dainty | Photo: Niceprint Photography | Cake and desserts: Gianna’s Cakes | Venue: Silver Lotus

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