Darielle’s “Noah’s Ark” Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Noah’s Ark Theme Party Ideas


Darielle, our birthday girl is in love with animals, I mean who wouldn’t be? They’re cute, loyal, and downright fascinating. For her first birthday, her parents chose a theme not typically seen in a girl’s party – Noah’s Ark. I’m stoked to see how With A Flourish made every corner look bright, happy, and just all around girly!

Upon arrival at the venue, guests were greeted by this framed signage with the most adorable illustration of all the animals on board Noah’s ark. I love how the pastel colors added a dose of girlishness into the theme.


A rainbow appeared in the sky as the great flood subsided- and that’s exactly what you’ll see here at Darielle’s party! Rainbows and colorful rain drops adorn the ceiling which added pops of color to the venue.


Their main setup features a dainty version of Noah’s ark from the colors, prints and graphics used.


I don’t think they had cake back in Noah’s time, but there’s definitely a gorgeous cake in this party! The cake looks exactly like the ark complete with all the animals that came in it – only cuter.


Here on Darielle’s ark, they don’t need to live off eating vegetables and herbs like what Noah and his family did because there are plenty of sweets to satisfy their sweetest tooth! The dessert spread had donuts, cupcakes, and cookies- yum!


Arts and crafts activity corner is always a great idea. It’s a good way to keep the kid’s imagination running while having a good time.


Of course, what’s a kiddie party without fun games and amazing prizes, right?


Check out these cute and fluffy pillows Darielle gave away to all her little guests.


Vendors who made it all happen:
Stylist: With A Flourish | Photos: Grethel Ulang | Venue: Arya’s Residence

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