Cianna’s ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’ Themed Party – 1st Birthday

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Like diamonds on black velvet, a multitude of stars glisten and sparkle while we gaze in admiration. With the stars to guide them, Party Doll Manila Events and Style It Dainty gave Cianna a dreamy “Twinkle Little Star” slumber party for her first birthday. All smiles, tender embrace and the shared love of family and friends for our birthday girl were wonderfully captured in these photos by Little Heartbeat Photography. So don your favorite jammies and together, let’s experience Cianna’s happy, heartwarming birthday celebration.

The awesome slumber party begins at the entrance where white, pink and pale yellow balloon clouds and pretty dream catchers greeted the guests.

entrance _74

Once inside the party venue, guests were treated to some “cuteness-overload” with a gallery featuring adorable photos of Cianna from birth to a year old. Guests put their hearts into their sweet, touching birthday greetings which they clipped alongside Cianna’s photos.

gallery _117

The ceiling was a sky full of fluffy cotton clouds with gold and silver stars. Matching the balloon clouds at the entrance, we see white, pink and yellow paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling along with rows of dream catchers… “Oh, to float among the stars!”

ceiling _25ceiling _112

Cianna’s “Twinkle Star”-inspired stage is what the Urban Dictionary would describe as “Pinteresting” with its charming shabby-chic design using pastel hues. On one side of the stage, Cianna’s birthday cake sits on a pedestal over which is a cluster of balloons and stars. At the center, the moon and Cianna’s bright star lights up the stage. A teepee tent and some pillows have also been set up complete with a dream catcher hanging on the tent poles to ensure that at this slumber party, only the sweetest dreams will come true.

stage _24stage _26stageA

The tables were draped in lemonade pink table cloth. At the center of each table was a delightful arrangement consisting of a miniature version of a teepee with a dream catcher, pretty cloth flowers in a pink pot, a white pewter lantern and the best ornament of all – a lovely photo of Cianna in a pink frame.

table _54table _60

Our birthday girl had a sweet 2-layer cake that must certainly have tasted as wonderful as it looked. The first layer was covered with overlapping layers of fondant that was spray painted with fuchsia pink in a diminishing degree of brightness like the sky ablaze with the setting of the sun. The second layer was then covered in white fondant with golden stars and fondant balls for clouds. On top of the cake, the moon rested on a soft bed of clouds together with Cianna’s twinkling star.

cake _28

What’s not to love about this dessert spread? Simply put, it’s a piece of heaven for any lover of all things sugary thanks to Sugarplum Pastries gorgeous creations! There’s the best-loved French dessert, the macaron. And for more French goodies, there were eclairs covered in icing embellished with stars and other sprinkles. Sugar cookies shaped like the moon and clouds and the all-time favorite sleepover treat – sweet, gooey, yummy s’mores served in a jar were made available for guests to enjoy!

desserts _1desserts _72desserts _9desserts _11desserts _15desserts _16desserts _18

To beat the heat in the most delicious way, everyone enjoyed scoops of ice cream! Oh, what a sugar rush!

cart _108

The children were all ears as the pretty host from Madison Events charmed them with a delightful story.

story telling _188

With energy to spare, a bouncy castle and slide lets them have all the fun they want. Not the bouncy castle type of kid? Worry not for there were other interesting things to dive into… Some children play architect with these unlimited supply of Lego blocks while others channel their inner artist and painted some plaster figurines.

activities _56activities _109activities _156

There’s no dull moment at Cianna’s party. The children get to play some cool and exciting games, and so do the mommies and daddies. It looks like the mommies won this one – just check out the huge smiles of victory… Yay for girl power!

games _161games _170games _171

Guests were invited to strike a pose for an “Instagrammable” photo in this whimsical matchy photowall. There’s a vase of roses, a crate to sit on and a brightly lit star on one side. On the background are dream catchers, some stars and a cloud of white balloons.

photowall _63

Cianna’s friends will have their sweetest dreams as they sleep on these Twinkle Little Star pillows that they received from the party.

entrancegiveaways _43

It’s simply heartwarming to see a couple that’s so obviously deeply in love with each other and just brimming with love for their children. We can be certain that Cianna will thrive and bask in the glow of her family’s love.

family _78family _82family _97

Vendors who made it all happen:
Full planning and coordination: Party Doll Manila Events | Styling: Style it Dainty | Photo: Little Heartbeat Photography | Cake and desserts: Sugarplum Pastries | Host and storytelling: Madison Events | Side activity: Party Play

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