Ashton and Ava’s Super Mario Brothers Themed Joint Party

Super Mario Brothers Theme Party Ideas


When we think of classic Nintendo games, Super Mario Bros. instantly comes to mind. The mere mention of its name brings back nostalgic memories of playing this game with loved ones. Each level up feels like a victory! That’s why throwing Ashton and Ava a birthday party with a Super Mario Bros. theme is the perfect idea. It promises a fun and adventurous celebration, made even better with Happy A Events handling the venue styling. Put on your overalls, and let’s embark on this adventure by browsing the amazing photos from Spongecake Studio.

Get ready to play! How can you say no when this cute invitation arrives at your door?


Get your joysticks ready because the adventure starts here. As guests arrive at the venue, they will be welcomed by a colorful arch that captures the essence of the game. Standing proudly next to the arch are the standees of Mario and Luigi, dressed in their iconic green and red jumpsuits.


The ceiling underwent a vibrant transformation, adorned with a mix of drapes, lanterns, banners, and oversized golden coins that bring to mind the rewarding ‘boink’ moments players experience when collecting their treasures.


The stage was undeniably cute, adorned with iconic game elements like the mischievous Piranha Plant and Super Mushrooms for power-ups. At the center of it all are Mario and Luigi themselves, ready to join the fun.


The tables were adorned with white linens and red napkins, complementing the classic theme of the game. Each table had a centerpiece featuring either a Mario or Luigi plushie with a power-up mushroom, adding a playful touch. It was a delightful addition, don’t you think?


A special table was arranged for the young guests. Each seat had a headband with the iconic M and L logo, instantly adding a fun touch to their outfits.

kiddie table_09

To celebrate the double birthday with a bang, two stunning multi-layered cakes were specially made! These remarkable creations by Sweet Creations by Mums beautifully embodied the essence of the game, crafted with meticulous detail using sugar and confectionery materials. And this time, it was Super Ava and Super Ashton who took charge of the mini-game land.


Want more sweets? Take a look at these adorable cupcakes!


Are you having a blast? Ava and Ashton’s party is a boredom-free zone with a wide range of thrilling entertainment options. From captivating balloon twisting show, led dancers, and bubble show to engaging games, alongside various side activities and delicious food carts, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. So, choose your preferred “weapon” of entertainment (pun intended) and dive right into this fun-filled celebration!

show_37show_40show_46show_47side activitie_36side activities_22side activities_24

In Super Mario Bros., every level concludes with a pole and a flag. However, this time, instead of a flag, the guests were delighted to receive a gift bag and a mask keeper from Ashton and Ava as a token of appreciation.

310546894_1540873799667625_5355895083165955762_non-site giveaways_25

It’s the cutest brother-sister moment! Just look at the big smiles on the birthday celebrants’ faces, radiating pure joy and capturing an unforgettable moment of celebration.


Vendors who made it all happen:
Stylist & Coordination: Happy A Events | Venue: Acropolis Clubhouse | Photo & Video: Spongecake Studio | Hosts/Entertainers: Madz & Kring, Tectonix, Bubble Show Manila, Alab Poi | Cake and Dessert Spread: Sweet Creations by Mums | Catering: The Creamery Catering | Roving Photoman: I-capture Studios | Onsite personalized giveaways: Onsite Caricaturist, Personalized Mask Keeper: Crafted by QKC | Lootbags for kids (Convertible and Glow in the Dark bags): Happy A Store, Pasta and grocery items for adults: Baronia, Cholimex and Ciao | Lechon: Abub’s | Cream Puffs: Leonisa’s Kitchen | Kiddie Meals: Vito’s BBQ | Air Purifiers: UV Care Purifiers | Food Carts: Cool Brian, Mica’s Decadent Kitchen, Mixed balls, Luleepop ice candy, Taho by Dennis and Vito’s BBQ | Side Activities: Inflatables by Jacob | Meet and Feed Koopa Troopa Booth: Happy A Events

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