Jami’s Pastel Carnival Themed Party – 1st Birthday

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A carnival is full of bright colors, flashing lights, upbeat music, jaw-dropping shows, and thrilling rides. In fact, in a child’s perspective, the carnival is almost always synonymous with the term “happy,” and it never gets old. A carnival can be a magical place for a sweet little girl like Jami, which is why Party Divas PH helped in creating the daintiest carnival for her first birthday. Thanks to Spongecake Studio’s photos, we can be a part of this festive day. So, let the fun begin!

At the entryway, guests were greeted by a large carnival sign bearing Jami’s name. Instead of the typical carnival colors, the sign is a pastel blue and gold combination. We can also see the golden seal and elephant joining the fun.


What about a pastel-colored carnival? Yes, you read that correctly. The pink, purple, blue, and sage paper lanterns added a pop of color to the atmosphere. Furthermore, the golden stars in the center brought a touch of elegance to the entire ceiling design.


The stage’s details are flawless! The Ferris wheel, and even more so the merry-go-round, are two of my favorite carnival rides. Both rides, in my opinion, are the heart of any carnival, providing lasting memories for both youngsters and adults.


I can’t think of a more appropriate table centerpiece than these carousel jumpers. A large golden merry-go-round horse adorned each table, which looked great against the all-white tablescape.


Zoom in to see the adorable small elements that were meticulously designed to keep the dainty carnival theme intact. Sweet Creation by Mums certainly did a fantastic job of making a sweet masterpiece, from the miniature elephants, lions, and beautiful carnival tent to the perfect topping.


A carnival offers more than just festive lights and rides; it also includes shows and activities. Jami’s celebration enabled not only the kids to participate in the games, but also the mommies and daddies. Tectonix gave a fun dance performance, while Marcus entertained the crowd with some magic tricks. The eyes of the guests literally light up after every performance.


At a typical carnival, winning the balloon dart or ring toss game gets you a pillow or stuffed toy, but at Jami’s pink carnival, each guest received a personalized carnival pillow as a souvenir.


Oh, and before the carnival ends, here are some adorable photos of Jami in her pastel outfit and tiny pink magician hat, as well as with her wonderful parents.


Vendors who made it all happen:
Styling: Party Divas PH | Photo and Video: Spongecake Studio | Cake: Sweet Creations by Mums | Host: Marcus | Entertainment: Tectonix | Roving Photobooth: Photoman | Food Carts: Spud Buds and Arce Dairy

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