Calvin’s Wild Woodland Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Woodland Camping Theme Party Ideas


Being in nature and exploring the outdoors can be an exciting adventure. Whether it’s camping, enjoying the sun, playing under trees, or simply connecting with nature, there is a special charm to it. This charm is even more delightful when shared with loved ones. If you love outdoor activities, you’ll be thrilled by the collaboration between Events by Popping Parties and Confetti Warehouse. They combined the joys of an outdoor woodland experience with the convenience of an indoor birthday party, creating a unique and enjoyable celebration for little Calvin.

The venue underwent a remarkable transformation into a Tribal Woodland, exuding a sense of excitement and untamed wilderness. To ensure that every moment and intricate detail of Calvin’s woodland-themed celebration was captured, Little Coeo was there to document the joy and essence of the event.

I’m bear-y fond of you, my deer! The guests were greeted by a charming wooden archway adorned with adorable bear and deer standees. This entrance gave a delightful preview of the wild adventure that awaited inside.


The white ceiling was adorned with vibrant colored paper lanterns, infusing a sense of fun and playfulness. The hanging vines added to the overall ambiance, creating a complete forest-like setting.


The main stage setup, resembling a camping site, brought a delightful touch to the tribal woodland theme. It included a backdrop decorated with whimsical-looking trees, a wooden herringbone faux wall, and friendly forest animals that gave a charming and rustic atmosphere.

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The tables were elegantly decorated with white covers and striped linen runners. Each table featured unique plushie centerpieces, which added a playful touch to the ensemble.


The cake, crafted by Bake Tree, was a stunning two-tiered woodland creation. The buttercream frosting featured intricate and artistic woody details, showcasing impressive craftsmanship.


The dessert spread was thoughtfully designed to align with the woodland theme. Notably, chunks of wood were utilized as risers and holders, adding a unique and creative touch.


Recognizing the significance of capturing the memories, a dedicated photo wall was prepared for the guests. Encouraging everyone to grab their cameras and strike a pose, this little nook provided a perfect backdrop for creating lasting photographs during the celebration.


The kids had a great time with the entertaining show and various activities such as magic, mascots, and inflatable. It was a delight to see them enjoying themselves and sharing laughter throughout the event.


Snack time was a treat! Ice scramble and fries were available to satisfy hungry tummies. The combination of adventure and snacks proved to be a perfect and enjoyable combination for everyone.


Customized lunch bags and pillows were specially prepared for the occasion, adding a personal touch to the tokens of gratitude.


Here are some lovely photos of the birthday celebrant with his parents. Happy Birthday to the adventurous little one! May you always approach life’s adventures with joy and bravery.


Vendors who made it all happen:
Event Coordination Events by Popping Parties | Styling: Confetti Warehouse | Photo and Video: Little Coeo | Catering: Passion Cooks Catering | Host: Magnifico | Cake: Cake Tree | Desserts: Sweet Creations by Mums | Food Carts: Crafty Celebrations | Lights and Sounds: Beat Audio Lights and Sound | Invitations: Flamingo Designs & Prints | Piñata: PinataPartyPH

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