Kobe’s Baby Safari Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Jungle Safari Theme Party Ideas


Do you still remember the time when you were young and loved Disney’s The Lion King? You cried with Simba and cheered him on as he became King of Pride Rock. Our classic favorite even had a live-action remake movie this year! Of course you had to watch it. As you bask in nostalgia, a sudden burst of inspiration comes to mind: a safari themed birthday party for your baby! Thankfully, Events by Popping Parties x Confetti Warehouse got you covered!

Greeting guests at the entrance would be all our furry and non-furry safari friends! They’re about to take you on an exciting adventure. Keep in mind their guidelines for safety. (Do not feed the crocodiles!)


Grass, trees, vines, and more! These completed the set-up for Kobe’s stage. Adorable 3D animal standees were also up there on stage with of course, Kobe’s name on display.


Tables were simple yet charming. Who knew that a couple of leaf designs and a miniature animal props can do the trick!


The cake, just like everything else, is super adorbs! Don’t believe me? Take a look below. Intricately designed and super creative,I’ll have a rough time trying to gobble it all up if I were the ones to eat it. It’s definitely a cake worth roaring over!


Of course, other goodies weren’t left behind. Sweet Creations by Mums really had a blast with this theme. Cookies, cake pops, cupcakes, and other sweets had animal designs as well!


If you’re as hungry as a hippo, more snacks such as cotton candy, hotdogs, and ice cream can also be devoured whenever you want.

food carts_338

While you try everything offered, different games and shows are being showcased on stage. Adults and kids alike all enjoyed the bubble show!


The fun doesn’t stop there though! When you go home, you get to take home your own furry little friend along as a small thanks for celebrating Kobe’s birthday with them!


Don’t forget to take a photo using the photowall as well!


You’ll surely be as satisfied as this happy family when you experience Kobe’s 1st bash!


Suppliers who made it all happen:
Event Coordination and Styling: Events by Popping Parties x Confetti Warehouse // Photo and Video Ren Faustino Photography // Venue and Food : Werco Arcade // Host: Ernest Erney Arcilla // Bubble Show: Roppets Edutainment Production // Cake & Desserts: Sweet Creations by Mums // // Food Carts: Crafty Celebrations // Lights and Sounds: DSOUNDZ // Photobooth: Silverzone Photobooth // Piñata: PinataPartyPH // Costume: La Splendida // Pre-birthday Shoot: Lightbox Studios // Invitations: Flamingo Designs & Prints // Giveaways: Hello Rainbow Goodies

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