Amber’s Kawaii Sushi Themed Party – 7th Birthday

So Kawaii Japanese-Inspired Party Ideas


Just when we think we have seen every amazing Japanese-inspired theme we could possibly imagine, mom and PDM owner Jo-Anne Wong pulls together another phenomenal idea out of the bag for the seventh birthday of her second daughter, Amber. This time, it is a kawaii sushi party!

Now for a mini history lesson! Like many art trends, kawaii has roots in Japan, and is best translated as “cuteness.” In Japan, the usage of the word is wide in scope, but modern kawaii aesthetic emphasizes cuteness and is associated with a range of characters. While kawaii characters are diverse, they often follow a basic formula. They are well-nigh always outlined in black, pastel-colored, rounded, and youthful in appearance. They also have minimal facial features and are often drawn with oversized heads and smaller bodies.

You know we are always down for anything cute, which is why we are kinda freaking out about the things happening in this party. With some help from Dianne Khu Designs, Sweet Nest Events, Sweet Creations by Mums, 8 Spoons Catering and a few more amazing vendors, something special is what exactly Amber got. As with all good parties, the soiree was documented by Ren Faustino because you know what they say – pictures or it did not happen!

We can totally see why this invite is *kawaii*. The explosion of pastels, the happy bright shades, the fun typography. We die! And can we talk about the sushi designs? They are everything! We bet you have never seen sushi as charming as these guys!


Can we all just take a beat to appreciate how cute Amber is in this photo? Though the entrance decorations were kept to a minimum, her candy-colored kimono-style ensemble and wagasa made the whole look a masterpiece.


We love kawaii characters on our screens, on our clothes, and even on our food. So it is no surprise that an installation like this to the overhead space has us all starry-eyed.

ceiling (1)ceiling (2)

With so many colors and charming elements, this stage is pretty much a playground for the eyes. Have a look-see here! How many kawaii picks can you spy in this setup? We are scoping out the candy-colored props, giant sushi truck, and marquee name sign to name a few…

stage (1)

These adorable sushi characters appear again, this time as a centerpiece. And since this arrangement has so much going on, plain pastel tablecloths are key.

table (3)

Printables and crayons, on the other hand, did some serious double duty on the mini tables: creating an easy placemat and giving tots a fun coloring spot.

table (5)tableA

There is no way you can look at this cake and not fall in love. We are loving the many pastels and kawaii designs adorning the top and bottom tier. Plus, look at those big winking eyes… how can we resist? OMGeez so cute!


In case you are contemplating on what can be more kawaii than the cake… well, here it is. Meet the dessert station! From the tiny macarons to the elaborate cookies, ay, ay, ay, we can barely handle the adorableness!

sweets (5)sweets (6)sweetsAsweets (9)sweets (8)sweets (3)sweets (2)

Our inner child may have been excited with the dessert station’s offerings, but it is time for our adult selves to celebrate too. Now, who is up for Japanese food?

food (6)food (5)food (2)

And munchies from the food carts?

food cart (4)food cartsAfood cart

So many performers have turned up in full force to join in the celebration. Arigatou gozaimasu, guys!

show (4)show (5)show (10)

What did we tell you? The birthday family will go all out with the theme by making everything kawaii, and we mean EVERYTHING. Just check out these prizes.


This photo wall is a marvel both in terms of size and intricate work. Inspired by Japan’s garden and food market, it is inspiring us to don a pink kimono and have a kawaii moment recreating the pose of Claude Monet’s “La Japonaise.”


On to the favors! Amber made her guests feel *extra* special with these custom sushi plushies, key chains, jewelries, and iron-on tote bags that came in handy not just for packing up the other mini goodies she wanted to send home, but also to use for years to come. So fancy!

giveaways (8)giveaways (13)giveawaysgiveaways (7)giveaways (5)giveaways (4)giveaways (2)

Oh, Amber! It appears as though you are growing into an adorable mini-me version of your momma and poppa!

familyfamily (6)

We would like to extend a very special THANK YOU to all our amazing suppliers:

Planning and Coordination: Party Doll Manila Events // Venue Styling: Dianne Khu Designs // Photo: Ren Faustino Photography // Video: Mike Sy Films // Cake and Desserts: Sweet Creations by Mums // Dessert Spread and Food Station Styling: Sweet Nest Events // Catering: 8 Spoons Catering // Souvenirs: Provenance 1800 Designs and Crafts, Ant’s Pockets, and Laurence // Roaming Photo: // Gown: Chelssy Go Couture // Host: Madz of One Groove // Entertainment: Tectonix and The Jive // Food carts: Potato Corner, Sushi Nori, Samurai and Big Scoop c/o NY Giftworks Events Specialist

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